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Strata Cleaning Castle Hill
Strata complex buildings have individual apartments in a community setting. This means that cleaning services have to combine public and private duties; individual apartments need to be cleaned, and shared public spaces also need to be maintained.

It is perhaps these shared public spaces that need the most attention. They are used by a large number of people, none of whom are responsible for keeping it clean. This makes professional cleaning services essential.

SBHI Services can cater to all kinds of cleaning services, including this type of strata cleaning. Like what SBHI do with regular areas or premises, it makes sure that your strata property looks clean and fresh when its strata cleaning team is done with the job.

Professional Strata Cleaner in Castle Hill

Our cleaning services Include:

  • vacuuming stairwells and all common areas
  • removing cobwebs from every area of the property
  • cleaning steps, pathways, driveways and walkways
  • sweeping and mopping hard surfaces such as floors,
  • cleaning desks, as well as counter tops, dusting pictures, baseboards as well as shelves
  • picking up the litter and debris
  • cleaning, shining as well as drying mirrors
  • cleaning chrome fittings.
  • glass door and window cleaning
  • cleaning car parks
  • tiles & grout cleaning
  • washing garbage bins, cleaning the areas where garbage bins are positioned
  • vacuuming of rugs, furnishing, and carpets (removing rugs),
  • cleaning window sills, the screens and tracks
  • cleaning of air-conditioning vents
  • shining the washroom, pantry as well as kitchen fixtures
  • cleaning toilets with specialised disinfectants
  • looking after common lounge areas, mopping, sweeping as well as disinfecting floors
  • damp-wiping the internal windows, doors, balustrades and partition frames.

The appearance of a strata complex is part of its appeal to the tenants. Individuals make a great deal of fuss if the facilities aren’t spic and span. Based on those specific strata cleaning services in Sydney, you can be assured that your strata property will be spotless, clean, and presentable with the strata cleaning services that we offer.

Make the most of the strata situation. Professional cleaning keeps everything operating to its potential. This helps make present residents content and helps attract other future residents.

If you are looking for professional strata cleaning services in Castle Hill, contact us now for a quote.