Strata cleaning services combine common area cleaning with private apartment cleaning. We have extensive experienced in both of these cleaning services.


A clean office is vital for any serious business. Especially as staff and customers do not clean up after themselves. We guarantee an immaculate office space.


Medical centres require the most stringent hygiene standards. We maintain these high standards, along with the immaculate appearance of the centre's facilities


Hospitality venues are notoriously difficult to maintain, requiring diverse cleaning methods and large spaces in regular use. We are up to the challenge.


We have considerable experience in cleaning high end restaurants, both the kitchen facilities and the dinning areas. Maintain your impressive appearance with our cleaning.


Part of successful retailing is making a good impression on clients. Our services provides the essential cleaning needed to maintain retail facilities that impress your customers.


All our cleaners are professionally trained and our cost for labour does not differ much when compared to the other companies. However, unlike other cleaning companies, SBHI purchases the cleaning supplies, equipments and machines in bulk to minimize the cost and returns the profit from the cost reduction to our clients. This is the reason why we can provide equivalent services at a cheaper price than that of other cleaning companies.


Chang and his company have been cleaning our gym for over 10 years and during this time they have been the easiest cleaning company to deal with. Nothing is an issue with Chang and he is happy to help and fix anything that we ask of him and his employees. The quality of their work is very consistent and we, and our customers, are extremely pleased with the cleanliness with which our gym is maintained.


Restaurant Cleaning

Business cleaning services Of course every restaurant has its own staff, who often perform at least some cleaning duties. But after hours cleaning by outside professionals is often required....

Strata Cleaning Services

The administration in charge of strata apartment complexes have a lot to look after, having to keep all the residents content. This means making decisions for the entire building...

Office Cleaning North Sydney

Many people take office cleaning for granted. Most employees and their superiors appreciate the impact an office’s appearance has on prospective clients. They aim to keep things at least...


SBHI (Previously trading as LDMP Pty Ltd) was found in 2002 and has over 10 years of history. From 2002 to 2011, for about 9 years, SBHI has been expanding its business solely relying on the referrals from existing clients, without advertising or promotions. We pride ourselves for being a trust worthy partner of our clients. If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy cleaning company, we are confident that SBHI is the company you are looking for. We will not say that SBHI is THE PERFECT cleaning company. But we guarantee that we are more honest and diligent than any other cleaning companies in terms of what we do and our pricing policy. We do not inflate the fee by overcharging for a small task or charging for the task we have not undertaken. We would love an opportunity to provide value-adding service for your business. You will not regret choosing SBHI.


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