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Strata complexes combine residential living with shared community space. Residents each have individual apartments, but share common recreational space, car parks and gardens with others in the building.

Strata Cleaning Sydney

Generally, commercial spaces are considered heavy traffic areas. With people constantly coming and going they endure intense wear and tear, suffering a lot of heavy use.

This means commercial spaces tend to get dirty way faster than residential houses. Also, because of the demand of their business, commercial property owners always make sure that all areas of their property are clean and fresh at all times. This is why they hire full-time housekeeping staff. The internal staff at retail establishments, shops, and offices cover the different aspects of cleaning in every corner of the property.

This is not an easy task and it has to be completed each and every single day without fail; and the results must be meticulous. For this reason, outsourcing professional cleaners is a wise and practical option. S.B.H.I Cleaning Services is one of the leading companies in the Commercial Cleaning Sydney sphere. Since 2002 we have catered to a large number of clients across Sydney.

Residential Strata Cleaning Sydney

Strata complexes combine residential living with shared community space. Residents each have individual apartments, but share common recreational space, car parks and gardens with others in the building. Cleaning companies often have to look after both individual apartments and the shared areas.

S.B.H.I Services understands that our clients will settle for nothing but prime service. Accordingly, we provide excellent Strata Cleaning Sydney solutions. Our high quality services help make sure that the services are consistently completed; this way, your personal property and public areas stay looking good and fresh.

Commercial Strata Cleaning Sydney

Many modern businesses use office and shop space in commercial buildings, sharing adjacent space with other companies. This is commercial strata, several offices and shop premises in the one large building complex.

Commercial business Strata requires cleaning for both individual company space and shared, often public space. The upkeep of this private and public space reflects on the individual companies. Business owners know they need to maintain a good company appearance to impress their customers, and to keep up employee morale. They also know that in a strata complex the appearance of their neighbours space is part of the company impression; the whole building needs to look immaculate not just the individual company office or shop space. Accordingly, they want the whole building to always look impressive, so they prefer professional cleaning services.

We have experts that provide customized solutions, and make sure that all the areas of your property look pristine. The different cleaning ser-vices we provide are:

  • Vacuuming stairwells and all common areas
  • Removing cobwebs from every area of the property
  • Cleaning steps, pathways, driveways and walkways
  • Sweeping and mopping hard surfaces such as floors, desks, as well as countertops
  • Dusting pictures, baseboards as well as shelves
  • Picking up the litter and debris
  • Cleaning, shining as well as drying mirrors
  • Cleaning chrome fittings
  • Floor cleaning, including rugs and the space underneath
  • Glass door and window cleaning
  • Cleaning car parks
  • Tiles & grout cleaning
  • Washing garbage bins
  • Cleaning the garbage bins areas
  • Vacuuming rugs, furnishing, and carpets
  • Cleaning window sills, the screens and tracks
  • Cleaning of air-conditioning vents
  • Shining the washroom, pantry as well as kitchen fixtures
  • Cleaning toilets with specialised disinfectants
  • Cleaning and sanitising all restrooms and common lounge areas
  • Mopping, sweeping as well as disinfecting floors
  • Damp-wiping the internal windows, doors, balustrades and parti-tion frames

Cleaning strata properties involves special skills, experience, and patience. Our employees are well-trained to do all these tasks expertly. They’ll guarantee that the property looks clean at all times, and is presentable to tenants and their customers. It’s critical to maintain these properties well. Your strata’s reputation benefits by how well your premises are maintained.

If your property looks unkempt and dirty, your potential customers will not be impressed. They won’t be inclined to occupy the premises. So it’s crucial to hire Strata Cleaners Sydney to provide customised solutions that are tailored to the layout and spread of your strata property.

Our specialised strata services are well-planned and thorough. Every detail is meticulously attended to. There are a number of reasons why strata customers opt for our services:

  • Expert Cleaners – All our employees are chosen very carefully based on their experience, skills, integrity and professional back-ground. They carry out the work efficiently and honestly.
  • Flexible Plans – As mentioned earlier, we understand that every property is different and so the maintenance requirement of every property will be different as well. When you hire our services we will discuss all your requirements in detail, and then design plans based on what your specific needs.
  • Frequency – We also understand that the cleaning needs of every business property will be different, based on the amount of traffic the space sees and the individual preferences of the owners etc. Our Strata Cleaners Sydney will schedule the services as per your requirements,
  • And you can opt for daily/weekly/fortnightly/ monthly services.

We also provide one-off cleaning services in case you need them.

We are a fully-licensed and insured OH& S compliant, experienced company that guarantees all its work. For any additional information about our Strata Cleaning Services Sydney, call S.B.H.I Services at 1300 975 551 (24/7). Feel free to send us your queries via this online form and we will revert shortly. We are one of the front-running Strata Cleaning Companies Sydney wide, and you are assured of the most reliable and timely services at all times.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Sydney

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High Pressure Cleaning Sydney

Dirt can easily get into your tile and grout surfaces, making them look dirty. They are very hard to remove. High pressure surface cleaner enables our cleaners to get this tough cleaning task done in a more efficient and effective way. SBHI Services provides the best services with the latest equipment to get rid of dirt and other things stuck in your tile and grout.

High Pressure Surface Cleaner from $70.00

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