Office Cleaning Alexandria

Office Cleaning Alexandria

SBHI Services can cater to all kinds of cleaning services. They also offer office cleaning in Alexandria. Like what SBHI do with office cleaning in other areas, it makes sure that your office looks clean and fresh after its team completes the job for you.


Our cleaning services include: vacuuming stairwells and all common areas, removing cobwebs from every area of the property, cleaning steps, pathways, driveways and walkways, sweeping and mopping hard surfaces such as floors, desks, as well as countertops, dusting pictures, baseboards as well as shelves, picking up the litter and debris, cleaning, shining as well as drying mirrors, cleaning chrome fittings, floor cleaning (removing rugs), glass door and window cleaning, cleaning car parks, tiles & grout cleaning, washing garbage bins, cleaning the areas where garbage bins are positioned, vacuuming of rugs, furnishing, and carpets, cleaning window sills, the screens and tracks, cleaning of air-conditioning vents, shining the washroom, pantry as well as kitchen fixtures, cleaning toilets with specialised disinfectants, cleaning and sanitising all restrooms and common lounge areas, mopping, sweeping as well as disinfecting floors, damp-wiping the internal windows, doors, balustrades and partition frames.


Based on those specific cleaning services we can offer you, you can be assured that your office will be spotless, clean, and presentable. Again, with the office cleaning services the team renders, you will be contented.


If you are looking for office cleaning in Alexandria, SBHI guarantees you that the work it does will be expertly done. The satisfaction of our clients is our priority.

Our Services

Our cleaning services in Alexandria includes:

Our Testimonials 

We switched to SBHI last year, after being dissatisfied with our previous two cleaning companies. Now we have been extremely happy with Chang and his team since, in their quality of work, presentation, responsiveness, and willing to engage in solving additional problems with the building. We wholeheartedly recommend SBHI to anyone interested.
Vladimir Delevski (Committee Member/111 McEvoy St Alexandria)


Chang(SBHI Services) is a very diligent man and he always work hard with a positive mind. He have been working for us over 3 years now and we will continue to work with him in the future.

Omar Marabani (Store Manager)

When I told Chang (direct manager) the price we were paying to our previous cleaner, he said “you are paying too much money. With that price, we can clean twice a week instead of just once a week”. He kept his promise and our office became so much cleaner than before.

Cathy Thomson (Executive PA & Office Manager)

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