Outdoor Cleaning Tasks

commercial cleaning castle hill.

Outdoor Commercial Cleaning Castle Hill

Most of us have a reasonable idea on how to clean carpets and kitchen sinks, though good advice is always welcome. But when it comes to cleaning outside we might find we are in an unfamiliar situations. Cleaning outdoor tiles and concrete is different to cleaning bathroom tiles and floors. So what do we do?



Methods for Outdoor Commercial Cleaning Castle Hill




There is often concrete in some part of every property, if only on the driveway or parking lot. There might be also be a balcony or veranda. How do we clean these?


For general concrete cleaning, cover the top with Bi Carb of Soda, the spray with vinegar. This will foam. Scrubb the area with a stiff broom, and then rinse off with a hose (clean the broom with the hose too!). Perhaps do small sections (1 metre square) of the concrete at a time.


If there is motor oil on the concrete (this is common in parking spaces and garages) we will need a different cleaning method. First, use newpapers or kitty litter to soak up the oil. Then try dissolving the stain with WD 40 spray. Dishwashing liquid like Blue Dawn/Fairy will also clean many types of grease and oil. Some find coke (soft drink) will dissolve oil stains if left overnight.


Dirty Bricks or Sandstone


Some bricks, especially if light in colour, will accumulate a black colouring. This is often runoff from concrete surfaces. If can be removed with a stiff scrubbing brush and water. Or we can use high pressure cleaning.


If you have mould or mildew on a brick surface try spraying the surface with Algene. This is a safer version of chlorine, which won’t be too hard on plants. Spray in on the surface and leave for a few hours.


Spray some diluted clove oil on the surface after cleaning, to inhibit future mould.


Cloth and Plastic Awnings. 


Plastic covering can be cleaned with water, perhaps adding some detergent.


Canvas can be cleaned with salty water (2 cups of salt in a small bucket of warm water). Apply with a brush or broom. Avoid touching canvas as the oil in out fingers will ruin the waterproofing properties. Use gloves when cleaning.


Glazed Tiles


Outdoor tiles can usually be cleaned with warm water and detergent. And then rinsed with water.

Add some vinegar to the water you rinse with. This vinegar makes the tiles less slippery.

There is often a way to apply a sealant to the tiles. This greatly reduces staining. There is a different type of sealant for different type of tiles. Follow the manufacturers/salespersons advice.


Commercial Cleaning Castle Hill


Professional cleaning gets the best results, and saves you time better used on running your company. Call us for commercial cleaning.