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When I told Chang (direct manager) the price we were paying to our previous cleaner, he said “you are paying too much money. With that price, we can clean twice a week instead of just once a week”. He kept his promise and our office became so much cleaner than before.
Cathy Thomson (Executive PA & Office Manager)
When I got the quotation from Chang(SBHI Services), there wasn’t a huge difference in price compared to what I used to pay. But when they started the job, the quality of their service was totally different. The place became spotless after they took over.
John Shrestha (Store Manager / The Rocks)
SBHI has been hard work and they responded quickly upon our requests.
Michael Zaouk (Store Manager / Darling Quarter)
I have been impressed with the professionalism both of the initial assessment visit to see what was needed and required, and of the standard and amount of work achieved within the agreed time frame, additionally, the courtesy and pleasant attitude of the staff has been refreshing. I don’t normally write testimonials but in this case I am so confident with service and professional of this company that I could only highly recommend you to use their services
Lauren Ziegler (Director of Maroubra Junction Early Education Centre)
We have used SBHI Services over 10 years now and have always found them to provide a clean, efficient and reliable service. We would definitely recommend them to other businesses.
Margie Best (Human Resources/Payroll Manager from Audio Products Group)
We tried other cleaning companies for server months after finishing contract with SBHI, but had to come back to then because it was just not the same. Also Chang (CEO of SBHI) is a brilliant man. He’s diligent and I can recommend him to anyone.
Christopher Dion (Store Manager)
Newtown Gym logo
Chang and his company have been cleaning our gym for over 10 years and during this time they have been the easiest cleaning company to deal with. Nothing is an issue with Chang and he is happy to help and fix anything that we ask of him and his employees. The quality of their work is very consistent and we, and our customers, are extremely pleased with the cleanliness with which our gym is maintained.
Kerri Jones (Newtown Gym)
SBHI Services has been working for us over 5 years. Once you hire SBHI Services, you will have no more headaches related to cleaning
Sam (Store Manager)
Chang(SBHI) has been working for us since 2009 and there has been no problem at all with his work. He could be contacted at any time when we needed to talk to him and he has been respondig to our enquires really quickly. I can recommend Chang to anyone without any hesitation. Also Chang installed their own time recorder and I can check how long they worked on site at anytime. I love it.
Christopher Dion (Store Manager)
Chang (CEO of SBHI) never say no when I ask him to do something. Do not lose your opportunity to meet a good business partner.
Jack (Store manager)
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Strata Cleaning Sydney

Quality Commercial Cleaning and Office Cleaning Sydney

SBHI has over 13 years experience in commercial cleaning services and office cleaning in Sydney. We pride ourselves for being a trustworthy partner of our clients. It is proven by the fact that our expansion on business is solely relying on the referrals and word of mouth. We are striving to deliver the best results with an affordable pricing. If you are looking for cost effectively cleaning team for your business, SBHI is the right choice. Call us now for an obligation free quote!

SBHI keeps it clean

A huge part of running a successful business is maintaining the best working environment for your staff and offering a clean, healthy place for your clients to do business. Whether you are an office, a commercial building, a gym or a retail shop, cleanliness should be on the top of your list for environmental factors. For some businesses, it’s a critical concern. Daycares, doctor’s offices and restaurants, for example, must be clean or they can’t do business. It’s as simple as that. You can have your staff clean, but without the training and access to the latest techniques and chemical cleaners, you are putting your company’s image in the hands of people who aren’t trained to ensure that your facility not only looks its best but is a healthy place to work, eat or train. A decade in the industry gives us the knowledge of techniques, tools and treatments to take on any cleaning job in Sydney. We guarantee it.

Who we are

SBHI is the fastest growing cleaning service in Sydney. For commercial, residential or strata cleaning, SBHI has the tools and know-how to satisfy every need. In the last ten years, SBHI has built a business based on doing the job right and saving you money. We have built a reputation in Sydney for getting the job done and our customers are our only advertising. Without the fancy offices and huge advertising budget, we are focused on doing our job and keeping our customers satisfied with our services and our prices.

What we do

Cleaning. That’s it, we clean everything. Our fully trained and highly qualified technicians are on the job to keep your spaces looking the best they can. Our current contracts include Day Care Centers, Gyms, Nightclubs, restaurants, apartment and condo buildings and many other facilities. We have the range of tools and know-how to clean your facility – inside and out – to keep your staff and customers safe, happy and healthy.

Saving you money

By keeping our operation lean and focused on cleaning, we pass those savings on to the customer. We don’t have an advertising budget, we rely on repeat business with our established customers and referrals to get new clients. This tactic has worked for a decade and made SBHI the fastest growing cleaning service in Sydney without sacrificing quality.In addition to cutting out our advertising budget, we buy cleaning supplies and equipment in bulk to save our customers money. We do not skimp on training or service, that would hurt our reputation, but we do ensure that our clients get the best job for the least amount of money possible.