Insects Out

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Keeping things neat and keeping things hygienic are two concepts that are different but closely connected. Ideally our homes and offices should be both neat and hygienic. This is not too hard to achieve with persona dedication or commercial cleaning services.
A related concept is keeping insects out. Being clean will help here, but it’s not the full story. Sometimes we must take a few measures to keep ants, mosquitoes and spiders out of the home.

Clean and Tidy
This is fairly obvious, but if we get rid of all food scraps then may insects, like cockroaches, have no reason to be there. This is the first line of defence.

Insect screens
Insect screens on windows keep a lot of insects out.

There are various plants that repel different type of insect. Basil will repeal a lot in insects. Peppermint or citrus (oranges) will apparently deter many spiders. Rosemary will deter cockroaches.

A mixture of baking soda and sugar will kill many bugs. They are attracted to the sugar, but are poisoned by the baking soda.
Some people will trap fruit flies in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and dishwashing liquid. This is especially effective if at the bottom of a funnel.
Avoid harsh chemicals in commercial insect repellents.


Business Cleaning Services Sydney
Keep the office clean and pest free with a regular cleaning service.

Declutter the Home

Tidying up after ourselves, or our family members, is an inevitable part of life. The entropy principle of the universe states that everything steadily falls into disarray, unless of course we take time to tidy things up. This is a bothersome chore, though we can obtain some satisfaction from the end result. But we will have more time for more fulfilling tasks if we find ways to minimize the mess, or to clean it up in less time.

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  • Decongest your home of all non-essentials. We can get rid of a lot of paper by scanning items onto computer memory. And throwing out anything that is never used of has no sentimental value.
  • Buy shoe racks so that shoes stay tidy. Or shoe hangers
  • Don’t wear shoes in the house
  • By tidy organisers for clothing and other items, so they can hang in the wardrobe, but still be accessible.
  • Store winter clothes away during summer, and vice-versa during winter
  • Use space under beds and couches for storage. Plastic tubs are good for these spaces.
  • Buy many pairs of identical socks, so there is no hassle in finding a matching pair.
  • Buy a few novelty cleaning items, like a steam mop, or a dust buster, which are at least slightly enjoyable to use.
  • Find a few quick cleaning tasks that you can do during commercial breaks. Several 5 minute cleaning job will quickly add up.
  • Have neat ways of storing pots and pans, like overhead hooks or racks inside cupboard doors.
  • Have some large plastic storage tubs for children’s toys, and keep this all in the one room.
  • Use dust covers on items like pianos
  • Keep pets out of most of the rooms of the house. Train them to have a permanent set sleeping area.
  • Use the space above doors and under stairs for storage.
  • Every bathroom accumulates old products. Most of these can be disposed of.
  • Backyard sheds are good for storing many items, from paint to tools.
  • Open spaces are easier to dust than complex nooks and crannies. Have any display cases for knickknacks behind glass.
  • Hard floors are easier to clean than carpets. If you prefer something soft underfoot that use some rugs, which can be cleaned outside.
  • An air purifier will remove a lot of dust from the air.
  • Indoor plants also help to keep the air clean
  • Clothes that are dried outside will benefit from the Sun’s UV light, which kills many germs and deodorizes cloth. Though this will cause some fading.
  • Good bright lighting helps make the home look cleaner.
  • Have a bright colour scheme, and avoid the drab look.

Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

Regular professional cleaning will help keep your living space near optimal.

strata Cleaning


Green Clean Office Cleaning Services

Being environmentally friendly, green to use the colloquial term, means doing everything on a way that does not harm anything in the environment, including ourselves. Green is healthy for the long term, and that means saving time and money.

Office Cleaning Services

Hire an office cleaning service that uses responsible cleaning techniques and environmentally friendly products.

Poor cleaning products are often harsh on the furnishings, and harsh on our health. Any products with formaldehyde can cause breathing problems and eye irritation. Some other products are will cause paint or fabrics to fade. Environmentally friendly products means longer lasting furnishings and surroundings, and better health for all occupants.

Bicarb of soda, vinegar, lemon juice and other natural products can clean many household of office surfaces, with no ill effect.


  • Keep plants in the office. This helps keep the air clean.
  • Air filters also keep the air clean.
  • Some plants can also deter insects
  • UV/infrared film on windows saves on heating/cooling costs. And prevents curtains and carpets from fading.
  • Use natural lighting where possible, and save electricity.
    LED lighting is cheaper than most other options.
  • Recycle
  • Avoid disposable cup, towels …etc.
  • Have an office water filter, avoid bottled water.

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Regular cleaning help keep business running smoothly. Environmentally sound cleaning extends this policy to include the surrounding environment.

Reasons for Rental Property Cleaning

Strata cleaning Sydney

Strata properties combine the benefits of private and public accommodation – residents have private apartments in a community building, sharing some public internal spaces and outdoor gardens and facilities. These public spaces require regular upkeep for the benefit of all those who live in the apartment complex.

It is best to have the public cleaning and maintenance done by a professional cleaning group. This prevents many potential problems.

Professional strata cleaning is best because:

  • It eliminates confusion over who is responsible for cleaning. Tenants may not know if they are responsible for a particular part of the properties upkeep. Having a professional team to look after the public space cleaning removes this potential confusion.
  • It saves the landlord considerable time. The owner of the apartment might be able to mow the lawns once per week, but there will hardly be enough time to add landscaping and intensive cleaning to this. This will take at least a day or two per week.
  • It saves on equipment, tools and supplies. Lawnmowers, gardening equipment and cleaning supplies cost money, and they need to be stored when not used. Professionals have the best equipment, have the experience to use it well, and that take it with them when the job is done.

Professional cleaners also save money by buying supplies in bulk.

  • There are no problems with negligence. Gardens that are not watered or plumbing that is not maintained can be an issue. We cannot rely in tenant to look after this. Professional cleaners check every time, and address problems before they occur.
  • Boosts the values of the apartment complex. If the facilities look neat and clean then potential clients are more likely to be impressed. This may even mean a better asking price for a strata apartment.
  • Residents tend to be happier in neat clean surroundings.

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Some residents may want their private apartments cleaned as part of the professional cleaning service. This works out quite economically if the cleaners are already looking after the rest of the strata building.

Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

Professional cleaning means all the maintenance and cleaning is looked after for you, so you can spend your time and effort on more important matters.


Bed and Mattress Cleaning

Bed and Mattress Cleaning

We spend a considerable amount of time in bed, hopefully getting some well-deserved rest.

It is easy to take out bed for granted, not realizing how quickly they cease to be clean. But they will require at least as much cleaning as the clothes we wear, with the additional problem of dust mites.

We sometimes about sleep hygiene. This usually refers to the good sleeping habits like regular hours that help us get a good night’s rest. But clean sheet and a clean mattress are a part of this too. We sleep much better in a clean, fresh bed.

Mattress and bed cleaning is of particular importance for anybody suffering allergies or asthma.

Bed and Mattress cleaning services company Sydney

• Remove the pillows and sheets from the bed.
• Wash the pillowslips and sheets.
• The sheets and pillowslips should be cleaned at least once per week.
• The cover from a duvet/ doona should also be cleaned weekly.
• Hand sheets and pillowslips in the Sun. the UV light from the sun will help disinfect anything remaining after the wash.

Using pillow protectors underneath the pillowslip will help protect the pillow from dust mites, fluids and other contaminants. These are easier to wash that pillows.


A mattress protector will help protect your mattress form dust mites, allergens and from sweat, dandruff and oil from your body. These can be washed every two months.

• The mattress itself can be vacuumed. Start vacuuming with a wide brush attachment, then use a long nozzle to clean any edges and piping. Make sure these are clean before you start.

• Thoroughly vacuum the bed and the surrounding area.

• Use a small brush (perhaps an old toothbrush) to clean any spots on the mattress. Use a solution of warm water and a small amount or dish washing liquid. Do not use spray cleaners.
• Use an enzyme cleaner to remove any biological stains. Diluted white vinegar and water can be used for this.
• Cover the mattress with layer of bi Carb of Soda and leave this for about an hour, longer is possible. The vacuum clean.
• Let the mattress air out for a few hours.
• An ultraviolet wand will disinfect the mattress. But this is a slow process. And people using a UV wand should wear protective gear to prevent eye and skin damage.

Mattress cleaning services near me

A professional service will ensure a clean mattress. Twice yearly mattress cleaning is find for most homes. Hotels should clean bedding and mattresses more frequently.

Steam Cleaning and Infants

Carpets and Commercial cleaning services Sydney
Carpets should be steam cleaned about twice per year. There are several reason for this. The first is that the carpet will look better. The second is that steam cleaning removes deep grit in the carpet that steadily causes wear on the carpet. Thirdly, steam cleaning is hygienic, something especially important for children.
Children, especially babies that are still crawling, are in regular contact with the floor surface. This means that they are exposed to any contaminant, pollens, mould, chemicals or reside on the carpet or floor. It is important to keep floors as clean as possible to prevent illness, or possibly even accidents from slipping.
Regular vacuuming does go a long way to removing surface dirt and contaminants from the carpet, but this type of cleaning does not go very deep. Steam cleaning gets right to the very bottom of the carpet pile, extracting deep down grime and using heat to kill dust mites, bacteria and other germs. This gets carpet as clean as when it was first installed. Perhaps cleaner, because new carpet often has left over chemical residue (formaldehyde). Steam cleaning means completely safe floors.
The steam cleaning method of carpet cleaning has minimal exposure to moisture. The steam is only there for a few seconds, so the carpet is soon dry. This means no chance of mould growing in the carpet fibres. Other cleaning methods, like shampooing, are effective in their own way, but they do leave moisture in the carpet.
Steam cleaning is also free from any chemical solvents. This means no chemical exposure problems for children crawling on the carpet. Chemical cleanings should only be used sparingly for spot stain removal.

Childcare Centre Cleaning Sydney

Most childcare facilities don’t have carpeted floors, so kindergarten cleaning usually means cleaning hard floors with vinyl. These floors are easier to clean up, especially with the mess left by infants.
Any carpeted rooms in childcare centres should be routinely steam cleaned.

Beyond Cleaning

Hiring A Cleaner

Hiring A Cleaner

Business Cleaning Services Sydney
Hiring a good cleaning service makes all the difference for your home or business. But what separates the good commercial cleaning services from the bad?
These days people will often use social media to advertise for these type of services. Occasionally they use the more old fashioned method of contacting and major cleaning company. But even then they contact them via the internet. An established cleaning company is a good place; any business that lasts is at least doing reasonably well. But there are a few things to look for.
• What type of cleaner do you need? A regular weekly or bi-weekly clean is the most common option. But will you want carpet steam cleaning form time to time? Or do you need office computers and equipment looked after? Perhaps you need end of lease-cleaning.
• Do you need cleaning at certain times? Usually outside of office hours so your daily business is not interrupted. But while office work 9 to 5 other businesses work different shifts. Schools finish after 3pm Pubs stay open till midnight. Hotels never close. When is the best time for cleaning?
• Trust – you are letting these cleaning people into your business department after hours. You need a trustworthy person.
A police check will help. So will references.
• Talk to the cleaner about what you need. If there is a trouble spot in the office of home the explain this to them.
• Uniforms on a cleaning group are a good sign. This suggests an established company and a professional attitude.

Office Cleaning Services Sydney
Regular office cleaning means always having a fresh start each day. And it also means not having to spend time, company time, doing the cleaning yourself.
Have a good working relationship with the cleaning company, albeit an understated one, and be in a better place to do business every day.

Office cleaning

Porcelain Shine

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Though modern alternatives have replaced some porcelain in our homes apartments and offices, for we may have stainless steel sinks and glass tiles, porcelain remains fairly popular for some applications. Good Porcelain is durable and functional, and it looks clean, neat and austere. It can retain this attractive look for decades with some basic cleaning methods.

  • Clean porcelain with hot water and dish soap. Use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth.
  • Stains can often be cleaned with baking soda. Add lemon for tougher stains.
  • Grease on porcelain can be cleaned with ammonia. Do not mix the ammonia with any other product.
  • A porcelain sink can be filled with hot water and a cup of vinegar. Let this soak of an hour or two, no longer. Then empty out, wait to cool, and rinse with cool water.
  • Be gentle with coloured porcelain. Avoid cleaning products or abrasive that will cause the colour to fade. Warm soapy water is acceptable. 
  • There are cleaning products especially designed for porcelain. These are great for plain surfaces. Some are not suitable for coloured surfaces.
  • When cleaned the porcelain can be polished with lemon oil.
  • Some porcelain that has been scratched can be re-glazed.

Strata Cleaning Sydney

Porcelain in public and private strata residences must be kept clean. It is common feature in bathrooms and kitchens.

Clean porcelain show the immaculate state that is expected of our homes.

Protecting Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are an asset and selling point in any home, and the preferred type of flooring in many prestige buildings.  Polished hardwood is long lasting and elegant looking. But as with any floor it does require some cleaning and care.

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Some preventative measure will help keep hardwood timber floors looking good.

  • Place mats at the doors and entrances. This prevents dirt and grime being tracked into the room, which quickly wears away at the floor surface.
  • A no shoes policy is useful in private homes, and in some public restaurants. This prevent damage to the floor.
  • Mats on the floor offer some protection, and are warm in winter. But there can be a problem with the back of the mats causing discolouration to the timber floor finish. Rubber backing on mats can cause this problem, even ones designed to prevent slipping.

Larger mats are less likely to slip. Secure mats with furniture.

  • UV (ultraviolet) light can cause fading to floors and furniture. Put UV film on windows to virtually eliminate this problem. These films also reduce infrared heat, keeping the temperature more constant.
  • Put coasters under furniture legs to prevent scratching. Cork or plastic coasters are quite inexpensive.
  • Clean up any spills immediately. Have a microfiber cloth and mop at hand.
  • Regular cleaning removes abrasive materials that can damage the floor. Vacuum with a soft attachment before mopping. Mopping on a floor with grit will cause scratching.
  • Some timber floor scratches can be repaired by applying a small amount of floor finish.

Hardwood Flooring can be re-sanded to restore the original appearance. This removes a thin layer of top material, which has probably suffered damage, to reveal a fresh layer of timber. Many timber floors are re-sanded once per decade, yet will still last for a century.

Cleaning Services Near Me

Have timber floors cleaned by professionals on a regular basis. The results are worthwhile.


Keeping Carpets Pristine

Commercial cleaning services Sydney

If we look after our furnishings they will last longer and maintain their appearance for many years. We can look after carpet and keep it looking new with a few precautions and preparations.

  • Have the carpets professionally cleaned every six months. This should be steam cleaning, which removes deep dirt and grit from the fibre. By removing such material the carpet suffers less abrasion, so it lasts longer.
  • Have the carpet scotchguarded, or given a similar treatment, when it is still new. These treatments prevent spill and stains from soaking into the carpet fabric, and also resist soiling from dirt and grime.

It is best to have the carpets treated when they are still new. Then reapply the protective treatment after each twice-a-year cleaning.

  • Use coasters under all furniture to prevent indentations in the carpet.
  • Simply ask people to remove shoes in the house, so there is far less dirt tracked form inside, and far less wear.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming. You only need to leave it on for a few minutes, maybe half an hour. This significantly reduces odour.
  • Deal with any spills immediately.
  • Air filters in the carpeted room and exhaust fans in the kitchen will keep the air much cleaner, so there is less grime, oil and grease settling on the carpet.

Commercial cleaning services Sydney

It makes sense to maintain the home we have invested time and money in. Hire professional cleaners to keep your carpets in the best condition possible. Spent your free time enjoying your home rather than cleaning it.

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