Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning Services


We have a lot of experience in cleaning restaurants Sydney and this not only includes the maintenance of the hall area but the kitchen area as well. By employing us, you can manage all your cleaning needs easily and cheaply without paying excessive fees for kitchen and other special areas.

Restaurant Cleaning
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Restaurant Cleaning

Annual Free Services for Restaurant Cleaning Sydney

You can choose one of the services for free service.

  • Free carpet cleaning (Min once to Max four times/ a year)

  • Highly located outdoor window cleaning (up to 15m height from ground)

  • High pressure cleaning for tile grout on walls in toilets

Are you worried about the quality of the free services?

SBHI is currently taking care of over 100 locations including luxury restaurants and clubs in Sydney, and has been delivering satisfaction for the clients. All free services provided by SBHI have same quality as the paid services.

  • The frequency of the free services may vary depending on the terms of each contract and the services chosen by clients.

  • The price of our special offers may vary depending on the terms of contract and service chosen by clients.


We do not inflate the fee by overcharging for a small task or charging for the task we have not undertaken. Please do not hesitate to contact us and get free quotation.

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Dirt can easily get into your tile and grout surfaces, making them look dirty. They are very hard to remove. High pressure surface cleaner enables our cleaners to get this tough job done in a more efficient and effective way. SBHI Services provides best services with the latest equipment to get rid of dirt and other things stuck in your tile and grout.

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For any enquiries about Restaurant Cleaning, contact us on:
Ph. 1300 975 551 (24/7)