Kindergarten Cleaning

Kindergarten Cleaning


Kindergarten is the place for young minds to explore and develop. These minds know no boundaries; keeping them in a clean and tidy environment is the first step in looking after them. Children aren’t inclined to look after their own personal hygiene or to yet understand the boundaries of others. Thorough cleaning is necessary lest germs and bacteria cause continual problems. We ensure and ideal and healthy kindergarten cleaning service for your institution.

Kindergarten cleaning should include:

  • Hard floor cleaning. High traffic areas under any circumstance, and with children this includes hands as well as feet that have been outside. Sanitisation is needed to prevent accumulating bacteria.
  • Window cleaning. A clean well lit space makes an impression on the minds of children and the parents that sent them to kindergarten. Windows are a part of any popular child care facility, and their cleanliness is necessary for both appearance and hygiene.
  • Carpet cleaning. Even the best children are comparable to house pets when it comes to messy carpets. Paint and play-dough seem designed to cause problems. We have the techniques to hands the stains and issues that come with children’s territory.
  • Basins, sinks and wash facilities are used extensively by children and their craft projects. We keep this all an spick and span condition.

Any cleaning of Kindergartens should be conducted out of working hours, but as schools and child facilities do not have the same daily schedules as other institutions, some close after 3pm, so this is fairly easy to accommodate. Other child services look after children till the parents finish work after 5pm. SBHI can work around any set times to best suit your situation. For Office cleaning Sydney based SBHI cleaning is an excellent choice.