SBHI CLEANING – Strata Cleaning

SBHI CLEANING – Strata Cleaning

Strata housing has many private apartments contained within a co-owned building. This makes the cleaning situation a little more complex than usual. No one individual or apartment is responsible for the areas shared by residents. Arrangements must be made for these common areas to be adequately cleaned.

Strata buildings often have fairly extensive facilities, including recreational areas, garages, paved foyers and walkways, gardens, and other common areas. Part of the initial attraction to the Strata was often the use of these facilities. But occupants expect them to be in full working order.

Regular cleaning of the Strata facilities makes for a much better living experience. It also guarantees ongoing environmental care and a much longer lasting property. Strata buildings are popular for this reason- a community that is being professionally looked after

Our cleaning services can make a strata feel like a hotel. Residents enjoy the benefits and lifestyle of a well maintained living space without concern or effort. Our cleaning services show clients why strata and community living have such appeal.

It is possible for private and common areas of a strata to be cleaned in one visit. Residents may wish to take advantage of the general cleaning services when they appreciate their benefits.