Other Services

Other Services

Steam Carpet Cleaning

The outcome of steam carpet cleaning will be very different although carpet is cleaned by a same machine depending on who does the work. Steam carpet cleaning must be done by full trained specialist. Choose right cleaning company and avoid

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Steam cleaning After

High Pressure Surface Cleaning

Dirt can easily get into your tile and grout surfaces, making them look dirty. They are very hard to remove. High pressure surface cleaner enables our cleaners to get this tough job done in a more efficient and effective way. SBHI Services provides best services with the latest equipments to get rid of dirt and other things stuck in your tile and grout.

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Floor Stripping & Sealing

Floor stripping and sealing make the old vinyl, slate, terrazzo and terracotta floors like a brand new floor. Sealed floor reduces
the possibility of marking and soil penetration. Also surfaces are left with a superior glossy look (or mat finish depending on your preference). SBHI Services provides this sealing service with a competitive price for our clients.

stone floor cleaning services before
stone floor cleaning services after

Highly Located Window Cleaning

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning provides a steady stream of water that leaves a streak free finish. This system works on buildings up to five stories high without the need for ladders and or scaffolding of any kind. Our Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning system ensures the windows dry spot and streak free.

window cleaning service
Window Cleaning Services

Sanitising Service

SM Bure(spray machine) allows for applying or spraying various chemicals, such as insecticide, germicide, freshener, antibiotic, resistant and nutritional supplements. SBHI Services only use the sanitising products that are harmless for human bodies to make sure of our client’s health is protected.

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Telescopic High Pressure Pole Cleaning

Telescopic high pressure pole cleaning is a fast and easy way to clean buildings, signs and other big equipments which are located above the ground level. This high-pressure pole can reach up to 4 metres from the ground and it is able to shoot high pressure water in close proximity and achieve better outcome than the ordinary high pressure gurneys.

Window Cleaning Services
window cleaning services