End of Lease Office Cleaning Services

End of Lease Office Cleaning Services

Most offices exist in leased or rented space. This means that sooner or later the space will be returned to the building owner. This building landlord will insist on the rental space being left in immaculate condition.
We all appreciate the effect that a clean business premises has on clients and staff. Clients will judge a company’s performance at least partially on their facilities, equating neat and clean surroundings with efficient and reliable performance. Staff will perform better when they work in a sharp looking facilities. But all too often a business will overlook the importance of cleaning when they move out of their offices.
Rental properties are subject to a monetary bond, paid upfront by the new occupants and ideally refunded when these occupants move out. If the rental property is left in any way damaged or untidy this bond is used to pay for repairs, cleaning or maintenance. In the case of office rental this bond, when it is not refunded, can prove quite expensive.

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Professional cleaning of office and business space ensures a full refund of the rental bond. The cost of a professional cleaning is far less than the money that may be deducted from the bonds should the office premises fail inspection. Professional end-of-lease cleaning makes good sense.
Professional cleaners know what property inspectors are looking for, and they clean accordingly. There are cleaning details under sinks, on top of high structures, inside bathrooms, with worn carpet, and many other aspects of office maintenance that are too easily over looked. Having a professional cleaner look after these details means a vacated office space that passes inspection, and a full bond refund.

Even if you are just moving to a different office in the same building you need professional cleaning of your former facilities. This ensures a good reputation for you company, and means staying of good terms with your landlord.
Tell us in advance if you require end-of-lease cleaning for you offices.

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