Illness and Germs

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Germs and Commercial Cleaning Sydney

In the last few years we have all learnt a few things about hygiene and avoiding germs. Of course this was due to legitimate concern over the COVID virus. Really, we should apply some of there preventative measures in our daily life, even when COVID is less of an issue. There is always the risk of some illness around, and no sane person want to be ill. So good hygiene is worth the effort.

Many employees will show up to work when they are ill. They might see this as dedication and stoicism, and sometimes we might commend this. But working with others when you are ill will always risk making those others sick. Some research has shown that half of an offices’ surfaces, from door handles to desktops, we infected within half a day if just one person in the office was sick. Other people in the office often had the germs from these surfaces on their hands. So we can see how easy it is for illnesses to spread to other staff. And of course these staff might then infect their family at home.

Good Habits and Commercial Cleaning Sydney

The rate of germ transfer can be reduced by some basic preventative measures. Surfaces and hands can be reduced from 40% infection to 10% with these basic measures.

We all know these germ fighting office supplies – Disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer gel, Washroom soap, tissues … etc. Make sure these are replenished as needed and used every time.

Door handles, phones, fridges, microwaves and anything that is touched by more than one member of staff should be wiped down at least once per day with a disinfectant wipe.

Most of us drink coffee, tea or some equivalent while we work. This is fine, except an open cup attracts germs from the surrounding air. And the cup will also accumulate germs just from daily use; we are constantly touching it with our hands. So cups will often pass illnesses around.

Wash the coffee mug at least once per day. Use boiling water, inside and out. Having a cover over the mug when in use will help reduce germs, and keep the drink hot.
If you drink water, then use a glass or aluminium bottle, and wash this with boiling water at the end of the day.

Personal Work Space
If we wipe down the desk and chair where we work, the computer we type on, and anything around or work space, we greatly reduce the number of germs.
Remove clutter from the desk. it is too easy for germs to be trapped in piles of paper and folders, which cannot be wiped down. Keep these things in a draw or filing cabinet.

Avoid Touching your Face

This has been tested a few times. A lot of people have the germs on their hands, but only some of these people get sick. Those people who avoid touching their face were less likely to get ill. Germs need to enter our body via the nose, mouth or eyes. If we don’t touch our face there is much less chance of the germs entering our body.

Air Filters

Some germs are airborne. We can get rid of these by filtering the air. Find a air filter machine with a HEPA filter and use this during the day. Perhaps use a timer so it can operate for a few hours at the end of the day after the office is empty.

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