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Home and commercial office cleaning Sydney
How cleans a room look is partly psychological. We can tidy every nook and cranny, and still feel that the room somehow looks messy, despite our effort. Quite possibly it is the existence of all these nocks and crannies that makes a room feel messy. That, and the fact colour scheme of the room just doesn’t look right.

Coordinated Décor
If the colours of a room don’t match then the room will never look right.
Some options:
• Light colours tend to look good.
• Some Dark colours can work if there is a contrast with light colours. Dark floors and light walls can work.
• If you want colour, try adding one colour trim to a light room. Blue trim on a white room looks neat and open. Or brown trim on crème.
• Choose furniture that matches the walls and floor décor. Coordinated décor looks neater than anything that clashes.
• Complex patterns on wallpaper or floors can feel messy, or at least over detailed. Go for simple, open patterns like large squares, or natural woodgrain.

Natural lighting makes all the difference to a room. A dim room, or a room with uneven lighting can look drab. Bright sunlight tends to bring out the best in a room. Warm candle style light can be effective for some rooms.
Change the lightbulbs that you have, and perhaps add some extra lights to reach the dark corners.

Open space feels cleaner than clutter, even if the perceived clutter is from furniture. Store things out of sight, and have some bare wall and floor showing.
Keep items at a low level, or high up, so there is bare space at head height.
Mirrors and windows make a room feel more spacious. Modern ideas like photoprints of outdoor scenes that cover a whole wall can also work.
Avoid too many decorations. A shelf of neat knickknacks can work. But endless shelves give too much detail. Avoid this clutter.

Commercial cleaning services Sydney
Have regular cleaning in your home. Enjoy the place you live in, and spend your time on something other than cleaning.

apartment cleaning Sydney

Apartment Cleaning Sydney

Apartment cleaning Sydney will become just a breeze with the professional help of SBHI Cleaning services.

We always say, tap us ‘cuz we always come up with the best cleaning results every time.

Our customers love it that we take into account their wishes into our time-tested cleaning practices. By working closely with you to create your very own cleaning plan and following it each time we enter into a cleaning session, we make sure we come up with consistent results that meet your needs. Each member of our professional house cleaners undergoes extensive and rigorous training to ensure that the services you receive are not only the SBHI way, but are your only way as well.

When you request condo, rental, or apartment cleaning services, you’ll receive guaranteed results without any worries about cancellations or liability. Our team of trusted professional residential cleaners will always arrive at your place when scheduled, with your cleaning plan in hand. Our goal is to give you the free time to do the important stuff in your life while we do our own stuff.

SBHI Cleaning Services professional cleaners are also available for renters in need of move-in or move-out services. When your security deposit is on the line, trust our professionals to leave your rental spick and span. Apartment cleaning Sydney will become just a breeze with the professional help of SBHI Cleaning services.

Childcare centre cleaning Sydney

Childcare centre cleaning Sydney

Childcare centre cleaning Sydney.

Childcare is more a part of our modern lives than ever before. For many generations the childcare was there to help the young child learn social interaction skills. For the last generation or two it has proved invaluable for families where both parent work. Parents want to know that their child is on good hands, and that they are in a safe environment.

Childcare Centre Cleaning.
Childcare centres will tend to grow messy, and unhygienic, if they are not looked after. This is worse than most cleaning situations. Children cannot be expected to look after themselves or their environment without supervison. Kids are all potential and no experience. Parents and childcare staff may be able to teach children to pick up toys after themselves, and properly wash their hands, but that is about the extent it. The childcare centre will accumulate mess unless there is regular cleaning.

Some tips include:
Hand washing. – a basic hygiene requirement. Some novelty scented liquid soap (strawberry, banana) will encourage this because children like the smell.
Avoid soap with triclosan (usually in antibacterial soaps) which may be toxic.
The floor. – Children are in constant contact with the floor. This is especially obvious with infants who are still crawling. An unhygienic floor will expose children to germs and allergens. Regular floor cleaning is essential.

Shoulder height surfaces. – Children will touch every surface at their own level, which is lower than the height touched by adults. This means getting on our knees and cleaning a lot of handprints of walls.
Large storage containers. – Children usually won’t arrange shelves, but they can be taught to simply put toys back into a large box. Toys should be sanitized on a reasonably regular basis.
Environmentally friendly products. – children will put things in their mouth, or eat food straight off the table. Make sure the cleaning products do not contain any toxic ingredients.

Childcare centre cleaning Sydney
Staff at childcare centres cannot be expected to look after all the cleaning requirements. Have professional cleaners look after the cleaning, and enjoy a safer environment.

Clean Tiles

Why Clean Tiles?

Why Clean Tiles?

Commercial cleaning services – Clean Tiles
Almost every home has at least one room with tiling. The bathroom will be tiled, and possibly the kitchen, laundry or spa. These areas greatly benefit from the waterproof properties of good tiling.
The methods used to clean tiles are not too complex. But they do require some effort and persistence. Yet as with all cleaning the results are worthwhile.
Why clean tiles
• This improves the atmosphere. Clean tiles look great. But this is so easily compromised if we let grout go off colour, or let mould accumulate.
• Health. We wash ourselves in the bathroom, and feel better for having that hot shower. WE compromise this if the bathroom is less than clean.
• Long term maintenance – tiles that are well maintained will last much longer. This mean no nasty repair bills in future years.

Common Problems cleaning tiles
New tiles can actually have the worst leaning issues. The grime and dust seems to stick to the new tiling. This is because a sticky reside has been left on the tile surface.
New tiles need to be sealed to prevent moisture problems. Then they need to have any detergent reside removed. The residue is sticky, and will attract dirt. Once it is removed the tiles will be much easier to clean.
Similarly, if we try to clean tiles with many ordinary soaps and detergents we actually make the cleaning problems worse. This sticky residue makes dirt and dust hard to remove. Removing the sticky film with a good cleaning agent, and then cleaning with a good tile cleaner, means tiled that stay clean for longer.

Cleaning services near me
Have the tilework cleaned by professionals, the same professionals who know how to clean your entire home. And have results that stay spick and span, making your home look better

Apartment Cleaning

Apartment Cleaning Mistakes

Apartment Cleaning Mistakes

Apartment cleaning Sydney
There are ways to achieve a task, but also several ways that don’t work, or prove counterproductive. Don’t think you are saving time with a bad cleaning approach. Just because you tick it of the to-do-list doesn’t mean you have really got legitimate results. Find effective an efficient ways to get everything spick and span.

Overloading the dishwasher – the dishwasher cleans by spraying dishes with jest of strong water. If these water jets don’t reach the dishes then there is no real cleaning.
Stack the dishwasher so that the dishes are exposed to the cleaning mechanism.
Cutting boards – these need to be soaked in bleach, especially after cutting meat or poultry. Cross contamination is a huge issue, so get this spotless.

Taps, handles, doorknobs, and other touchpoints – We continually touch some surfaces with our hands, often after handling food or cleaning up. Obviously we turn on the tap before washing our hands, but we often neglect to clean the tap afterwards, even as we turn it off with the same hands that we just cleaned!
Coffee facilities – These seem to breed bacteria, because of the heat. Even professional baristas often neglect this. But if you taste the improved coffee from a recently cleaned coffee machine you will appreciate the difference.

Furniture polishing –spray the cloth with the polish, and then wipe the furniture. If we spray the furniture first we built up a residue of polish, which accumulates dust.
Reusing the same cloth. But several cloths and keep them for separate cleaning needs – one for the sink, one of the piano, one for benchtops, a different one for the bathroom. Some microfiber cloths come labelled with these tasks.
Dusting – use a microfiber cloth or soft vacuum attachment. Dusters are old fashioned, and just put the dust back into the air, after which it settles back on the household surfaces.

Windows Cleaning  we do clean these, but the liquid on the windows tends to accumulate at the base, and lead a muddy line. Wipe this away.
The trash can – the inside can accumulate liquid gunk, and the outside is rarely cleaned. Put old newspaper at the base to soak up spills, and occasionally take the whole can outside and wash with disinfectant.

Tiles – leave the cleaner on the tiles for a few minutes to let it break down the grime and mould. Then wipe clean.
Computer keyboards – these accumulate crumbs. Vacuum, and clean by running a pipe cleaner or sticky note along the inside of the keys.
Dish soap is only for plates and kitchen utensils. Use some other cleaner on windows and mirrors, or you will get steaks.

Washing machines – these accumulate gunk inside. Some have a self-cleaning cycle. Else, refer to the manufacturers’ cleaning instructions.
Blender – these accumulate liquid debris in joints and under spinning blades. Take the equipment apart and wash in the sink.

Toothbrushes – the moisture and warm air in the bathroom will breed bacteria. UV light will help sterilize the brush. Or use boiling water.
Shopping bags- we reuse these now in our environmentally conscience age. But they need to be cleaned after a few uses.
Remotes – everybody in the house touches the TV remote. And it accumulates food and other debris. Clean these with sanitiser wipes.
The dishwasher – all the much from you just cleaned dishes has to go somewhere. Clean the dishwasher after a few uses.

Apartment cleaning Sydney
Professional business cleaning services know the trick and get the best result in minimal time. Best of all, you can spend your time on something more fulfilling than more housecleaning.

Grease Cleaning

Grease Cleaning

Grease Cleaning

Grease may be the most unpleasant cleaning task. It is an annoying mixture of hard and sticky, and stubbornly clings to every surface, including our fingers and hands.
But with the right cleaning products and the right approach it is not too difficult to remove grease from hard surfaces. And luckily grease doesn’t need to be cleaned away every day.

Preventing Grease
•  Some areas on stoves and benchtops can be protected with aluminium foil. We can routinely dispose of the foil (recycling) rather than continually clean the surface underneath.
• Exhaust fans above stoves remove a significant amount of grease. This reduces the amount of cleaning required. It largely prevents grease from spreading in the air and settling on cupboards, benchtops and floors.
• Wiping away grease as soon as the cooking is done, before it hardens, will prevent the grease problem for accumulating.

Cleaning Grease
• Wear gloves when cleaning grease. This keep our hands free from gunk.
• Periodically wipe down kitchen surfaces with diluted vinegar in warm water. Or with a mixture of white vinegar and bicarbonate of Soda. This removes cooking grease that settles form the air.
• A mixture of ammonia and water will remove most grease from grills, oven racks and stove hoods. Soaked any removable grills in this ammonia/water solution.
• Commercial cleaning agents based on citrus are very good with grease, especially on walls. Look for De-Solve-It or something similar at the hardware store.
• A nylon scrubbing brush will help remove grease from many surfaces. If it is a metal surface you can use steel wool.

Cleaning Services Near Me
Cleaning is the inevitable outcome of cooking, working, exercising and all of life’s activities. If you want more life and less cleaning, then call the professional cleaners, and have it all looked after for you.
Professional cleaning means more time for yourself.

Office Cleaning North Sydney

Office Cleaning North Sydney

Office Cleaning North Sydney

The scene regarding office cleaning north Sydney area is hot and clean and high energy. All because of SBHI Services.

If you need professionals to help you clean and maintain the cleanliness of your office, there’s only one company you need to contact –  SBHI Services. Their cleaning teams are ready to come to your aid every time you pick the phone or shoot an email.

Many people take cleaning for granted. Most workers and company leaders appreciate the impact an office’s appearance on clients, and target at least a superficially neat premises. (they don’t really take things really seriously.) They know the looks and the tidiness and cleanliness of their work areas reflects on their company’s image. The fact of the matter is, office cleaning goes beyond this. Especially in the Office cleaning north Sydney scene, people are serious about the cleanliness of their offices.

Talking more about cleaning properly, it means creating a healthy working space. Every day offices will accumulate many germs and other unseen harmful elements. This is a natural occurrence since many employees come from many different environments both clean and dirty. It’s inevitable for illnesses to spread throughout the entire office and infect several people and their families. It’s tantamount to losing productivity as employees are either absent or not performing well.

Professional cleaners are best able to look after cleaning needs because experience has taught them the tricks of the trade.

Office carpet Cleaning Sydney

Carpet Office Cleaning Sydney

Carpet Office Cleaning Sydney

Carpet cleaning probably receives as much attention as any cleaning task; it is one of the largest surfaces in any building, with people constantly walking all over it. Carpet office cleaning is a propriety, because so many people come and go, carrying in a lot of dirt, grime and contaminants.

A few important facts about carpet office cleaning:
• Vacuume a carpet first, because dry dirt first is easier to remove than wet dirt, which is literally mud.
• General cleaning removes most stains, but a few stains need to be spot cleaned. Occasionally some stains cannot be removed. A spill that causes a stain has a better chance of being removed is look after immediately.
• Have some microfiber cloths and absorbent materials on hand for the occasional, inevitable spill. Be acting promptly you can prevent 99% or permanent stains
• Carpet cleaning cannot remove all stains, else it would remove the colour of the carpet.
• Professionals use an acidic rinse  during or after the cleaning process because most cleaning is alkaline, and the acid will cancel this out.

• Protectors like Scotch Guard of e-Gard will preserve the appearance of a carpet for the long term. These are spray on liquids.
• Carpets are groomed after cleaning to make sure that the direction of the fibres is pleasing.
• We recommend steam cleaning  every 6 months. The minimal water used for this is  quickly removed, so there is no damage to the flooring.
• Steam cleaning reduces the wear and tear on the carpet – it removes the deep down grit that cause wear when people walk on the floor.
• Office carpet cleaning should be covered by a warranty.

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD
Carpet cleaning means a better looking, more hygienic environment for your office. This looks good for clients and helps office morale.

Office Cleaning St Leonards

Office cleaning in St Leonards can be a breeze with the help of SBHI SERVICES.

Moreover, it’s too easy to over look cleaning the office. Employees and Leaders appreciate the good impression a clean office has on prospective clients, and it’s good thing to maintain things at least superficially neat. They know this reflects on their company’s image. But office cleaning goes beyond this.

Offices can accumulate colonies of germs as any building, with many workers coming from different environments. It’s inevitable for illnesses to spread throughout the entire office and infect several individuals and their families if we don’t maintain a clean office. When this happens, productivity slows down as employees are either absent or not performing well because they’re ill. Office cleaning in St Leonards can be done in an easier manner with the help of SBHI SERVICES.

Professional cleaners are the best people to tap to look after cleaning needs because they now the tricks of the trade. This makes all the difference when dealing with stubborn stains or tracking down the unknown cause of some problems. An experienced cleaner knows the sections that most others miss, and makes them part of their routine. They are more thorough than non-professionals.

Professional cleaning makes sense. Companies can use their office hours for running the business, concentrating on what’s important, rather than spending their time cleaning.
A clean background environment makes for a better company, both for impressing customers and performing at your best. Your Sydney office cleaning is best handled by professionals like SBHI Cleaning Services.

Sydney Office Cleaning by SBHI Includes:
– Carpet steam cleaning needs to be done annually and more so in heavy traffic areas. This uses equipment that non-professionals do not have, and extends the life of the carpet.
– Disinfect surfaces. Essential for reducing illness
– Disinfect kitchens. Less of an issue in your own home, but a problem in an office as you never know who has been using the facilities before you.

Office Cleaning St Leonards

Office Cleaning St Leonards



Gym Cleaning

Gym Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services can look after the general facilities with gym cleaning. But the gym patrons will still have to take precautions when using equipment. Every item at the gym is used several times per day be a long string of people, each of whom leaves a trail of perspiration. To prevent infections or simple rashes it is best to be proactive and clean equipment as it is used, or where possible to bring items for personal use.

Gym Mats
Use you own mat for yoga of other exercises. Mats used by other people will accumulate other people’s perspiration, and this will not be looked after by the cleaning staff. At most they might occasionally be sent to the laundry. Mats only grow worse when left stored with other mats.
Your own mat can be kept as clean as you wish it to be. Like a towel you should bring and clean your own.

Bacterial wipes and equipment
Everything from exercise bikes to weight machines will have bacteria and perspiration from previous patrons. Handles and seats are the worst offenders. And as exercise produces a lot of sweat even the cleanest individuals will leave equipment with hygiene problems.
Antibacterial wipes will remove 99% of the germs on equipment.

Clean lockers
Any decent gym will be far better than the situation you remember in high school locker rooms. But remember to keep you own locker clean lest you recreate the lazy teenager situation. Towel and socks left in a locker go stale very quickly in the dark, moist air of an enclosed locker.

Wash hands
A basic notion, but we should wash before and after we use the gym. Hand sanitiser is a good idea.

Covering Cuts and Scrapes
If we have an open wound it will be very prone to infections. A band aid will go a long way to preventing contact with bacteria.

Wear thongs in the showers to prevent fungal infections.

Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney
A clean facility is far more appealing to patrons than something that looks untidy, or worse yet, looks unhygienic.
Reduce illness and complaints with regular commercial cleaning.




Gym Cleaning Sydney

Gym Cleaning Sydney