Easier Laundry

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Laundry may be seen as an unpleasant chore, especially if you have to clean the clothes of several other members of the household. But a few tricks make for faster and easier laundry. And prevent that overflowing basket of clothes.

Clean some clothes less often.

  • Socks and underwear need to be cleaned after each use.
  • Gym clothes need to be cleaned each time.
  • Suits can be worn 3 or 4 times between washes
  • Jackets and coat, worn on the outside, need only be cleaned monthly, perhaps less, inspect them for any marks.
  • Hats, scarves and most gloves can be cleaned monthly.
  • Pyjamas need to be cleaned about twice per week.
  • T-shirts need to be cleaned after each use, at least if they are worn in public. If you stay at home in cold weather you ca wear the same t-shirt twice.

A few items like pyjamas can be hung inside out in the sunlight. The UV light from the Sun will help keep them clean between washes.

Divide and clean

Laundry needs to be separated into whites, colours, delicates …etc. Try having a different laundry basket for each to save sorting time and troubles.

Wash small items like socks and underwear together so they don’t get lost inside bedsheets or other large items.

Uniform Solution.

Odd socks are a nuisance. But if you buy several pairs of identical socks there will always be plenty of matching pairs. And you won’t get your socks mixed up with other people’s socks.

School uniforms already follow this pattern. Have a groups set of socks for summer and another for winter.

Deal with stains straight Away.

If you notice a stained item of clothing then immediately soak the item or use a spot stain removed (Sard Wonder Soap). This prevent the stain from being stubborn.

Use stain removed in all underarms to prevent satins and odour.

General Advice

  • Hang out washing inside out. The reduced colour fade from UV sunlight, and allows that same UV to kill bacteria.
  • Make sure to periodically clean the washing machine.
  • Hang wet clothes so that they dry in the correct shape. E.g.: hang shirts by the shoulders. This saves on ironing.
  • Some shirts need not be ironed if they are steamed. Put the shirt neatly on a coat hanger and leave in a steamy bathroom.

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There is a certain small satisfaction in getting the cleaning done. There is a great psychological benefit when living in a clean environment. Arrange professionals to look after the time consuming aspects of cleaning. Spend your time on the mote satisfying aspects of life.

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The old pop culture joke was that clearers ‘don’t do windows’, because they were too tricky. But we obviously cannot leave them dirty. In realty cleaners to do windows, and they have a few tricks to make sure the job is done well.

  • Avoid anything even slightly abrasive. Glass will scratch, and this will permanently leave the window with ugly marks.
  • A generations or two ago people used newspapers to blot windows dry. This was though to prevent streaking. But newspapers contain chemical print that isn’t good for the glass. And nobody reads the paper now anyhow.
  • A microfiber cloth is a good cleaning option for glass, especially windows. These are extreme soft, so they won’t scratch. Yet they are extremely effective because the super fine fibres will pick up the smallest particles, including bacteria. They will even work quite well with no detergent.
  • A mixture of water and white vinegar (half of each) is a good general purpose cleaner. Apply this with a spray bottle and clean with a microfiber cloth.
  • Avoid anything that will change the temperature of the window. Like most materials glass will expand and contract with changing temperatures. But if the temperature changes too quickly the glass will crack. Don’t put hot water on a cold window, or cold water on a window that had grown hot in the sun.
  • Avoid cleaning windows on hot summer days. The glass will dry too quickly, leaving the window with streaks.
  • A rubber squeegee a very useful for glass. After the window is clean the squeegee removes water without leaving streak marks.

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Office cleaning services Sydney wide need professional cleaning. No self-respecting company wants to damage their reputation by looking bad, and dirty windows definitely look bad. Have the professionals do a thorough job on your company facilities, including immaculate windows.

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UV light and Damage

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Commercial cleaning services can clean up the mess, but they do not repair damage caused by time or negligence. If we want to keep our possessions in the best possible condition then we need to take some preventative measures

Ultra violet light (UV) from the Sun will slowly damage many materials, including home furnishings, carpets, curtains and paintwork. This is the same light that causes sunburn and premature skin aging.

UV light will cause most fabrics to fade. This is especially noticeable when one part of the fabric receives more UV exposure than another, making the colour fading uneven. This fading can occur on most furniture fabrics and leather. Most carpets will also suffer too. Paint is affected in unpredictable ways by UV; some paint will darken without sunlight, some paint will fade with sunlight. More modern paints are less effected than paint of a generation ago.

UV light gets in through most glass windows. Conventional glass will only block more than half the UV from the Sun, but if we want to block more UV light, to prevent damage to possessions inside, then we need to block or filter the light.

We can block the light by using UV proof curtains or blinds. This is effective, though it will block the visible daylight light as well as the UV. We will need to use light inside to see.

By using UV film on the windows we can block the UV light while allowing almost all of the visible daylight through. UV film is permanently fixed to the windows, where it is barely noticeable. It will remove 99% of the UV, protecting the interior of the home from fading. It is also possible to buy windows that have UV proof glass.

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Plain glass windows will block the high level UV light that causes sunburn (UVB), but not the lower level UV that slowly causes skin aging and fading on carpets and fabric (UVA). If we want to remove UV from inside office space then we need to use UV film on the window are replace the glass with UV proof material.


UV proof windows are a sound investment if we want to protect the possessions inside the office.

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Strata Living

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There are a lot of reasons to be attracted to apartment living. Its fairly secure, convenient and low-maintenance. About the only disadvantage is the limited space. And that pets are not allowed.

Yet there are always a few tick to making the most of the situation you are in.

  • Rent some storage space for the things that don’t fit into the apartment. Some people have model trains set up in storage areas, or pianos and band gear.
  • Rent a pet. Or make some money by walking somebody else’s dog on a regular basis.
  • Some strata have gardens and lawns. Use these for a weekly outdoor lunch.
  • Buy modern technology, which is often small. A laptop takes up less space than a desktop, and can be put away in a draw. A small projector and desk top box take up less room than the average TV, and still deliver a bigger picture.
  • If you have a car you may be allocated a parking spot. Sometimes you can rent space from another. Or you might use public transport and rent your car space to another.
  • Minimise your wardrobe. Buy neat sets of matching undergarments and socks, a few good dresses and suits. Then ditch anything that you no longer wear.
  • Find storage tricks for the possessions that you do have. Under bed, under couches, near the ceiling. There is so much unused space.

Use a lazy Susan / carousel in the cupboard.

Have desks and tables that slide under other tables.
The couch becomes a spare bed.

  • Heating and air conditioning are fairly cost effective in strata as you only need to cover a small space.
  • Increase kitchens space by putting countertops over the sink, over open draws. Use the space between cupboard and appliances to store the countertops.
  • Re-decorative kitchens with stick on tiles and contact. This is easy to remove, though it might require you to touch up the paint.
  • Add a few mirrors to make the apartment seem bigger.
  • Indoor plants are good for cleaning the air, and add to the homely feel of the place.

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Apartment complexes and strata are a combination of private accommodation and public space. Regular cleaning of the public areas is essential, as no one individual owns these spaces. Private apartments are the responsibility of the individual owners, but many choose to make use of the same cleaning service that looks after the general building. Strata make for a neat and organized lifestyle, especially with regular professional cleaning.

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Clothes and Sweat

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Clothing may suffer staining and odour over time. This is not acceptable in the company office, or anywhere else. The problem can be a combination of the deodorants and the inevitability of human sweat.

A few cleaning tricks will help us deal with clothing stains and odour:

Sweat Stains

The yellow discoloration that appears in the underarm and other parts of clothing can be causes by aluminium reacting with alt in our sweat. This discolouration tends to accumulate over time.

For stained clothing:

  • Make a paste out of bicarb of Soda and water. Rub this on the stained area and leave the shirt out in the Sun for two hours. The rinse and wash as usual.
  • Equal parts hydrogen peroxide, water and bicarb of soda is a good mixture for soaking a stain. Soak stained clothes for an hour then wash. 
  • Crush aspirin and mix with a little water to make a paste. Apply this to the stain with a toothbrush. Wash as usual.
  • Mix equal parts lemon juice and water, apply the stained area and leave the clothing in the Sun for a few hours.

Avoid regular bleach on stained white clothing. This can make the stain worse. Try oxygen bleach instead.

To prevent stains you can spray diluted vinegar (equal parts water) to the underarms after you finish wearing the shirt. Let the shirt air dry before you wash it. Do not leave the shirt damp for any period or you may get mildew problems.

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Detergent can cause problems in many situations. Ironically it can make cleaning worse. Many have noticed that a sticky floor is causes by soap or detergent that has been left to dry. This type of floor will always be dirt because dust, grime and dirt will always be stuck to the surface. The detergent must be removed to keep the floor clean. Grout remover will remove this stickiness from tiles and concrete.

Bedsheets and some other fabrics can retain bad odours if they have soaked up detergent. This sticky residue can be removed by washing in hot water with a little vinegar.

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Cleaning and Kids

Children make more of a mess than most adults, and will rarely clean it up on their own. Until they are old enough to learn some good habits and responsibility it helps to be proactive, and develop some means to make cleaning easier.

Tips for a cleaner House when you have Children.

  • Avoid glitter, it gets everywhere. If you have no choice, it your little princess is addicted to the shiny stuff, use a lint roller to get rid of the annoying sparkle.
  • Keep Play-Doh away from carpet and fabric. If it does get into the fibres, let it dry out and vacuum.
  • Crayon can be an issue on hard surfaces. Citrus based cleaners like De-solve-It are useful here, as is lemon essential oil. Occasionally it can be removed by ironing over with absorbent paper.
  • Make sure painting activities are done outside
  • Stickers end up on many hard surfaces. Heat from a hairdryer will remove stubborn sticker residue. Sometimes the sticker can be removed in one piece. Else, try citrus cleaners.
  • Many, but not all toys can be cleaned in a dishwasher. This is probably a good daily habit for group item considering the dirt and saliva that gets on many playthings.
  • For toys that consist of many small pieces (e.g.: Lego) put out a large drawstring mat. Keep the pieces on the mat. These can be put in a laundry bag and put through the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • Have some plastic tubs for toys. These are inexpensive. Or woven baskets.
  • Stains left by many bodily fluids can treated with bi-carb of soda. Leave overnight if necessary

Hygiene for Children

  • Scented liquid soaps, banana or strawberry, help encourage children to wash their hands. If they are too hasty with the washing then teach them to sing a nursery rhyme for the duration of the wash.
  • Novelty toothbrushes, either with flashing timer lights or pictures of popular characters, encourage children to brush their teeth.
  • Bath toys are an old idea, but they encourage a bath.

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Regular Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney wide help keep childcare centres and hoe safer and more hygienic for children.

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Cleaning and Wall Paint

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A few generations ago all walls were painted with a glossy finish, because that was the type of paint most often available at the time. This limited the décor options, but it provided a considerable advantage for cleaning. Glossy paint tended to resist staining and was easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

Modern homes rarely use gloss paint on the inside. For the last two generations (at least) most people prefer the look of flat matt paint on their interior walls. Gloss might be used on the window trim or maybe in the kitchen. But the look of matt paint came with a compromise. Matt paint did not clean as easily as glossy paint.

A more recent development is eggshell paint. This has a similar surface sheen to matt paint, but is easy to clean like gloss paint. It provides the best of both worlds. As an added bonus, eggshell paint develops a protective outer coating as it dries, so it resists chipping and other damage.

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Glossy paint is suitable for Kindergarten cleaning situations because younger children like the bright colours with a shiny finish. And it makes cleaning, so inevitable with groups of children, much easier.

Offices don’t suffer the kind of damage experienced in public places, so matt paint is often quite suitable. Eggshell is almost the same in this situation, but has superior cleaning qualities.

Shopping centres and public bars may use glossy paint or eggshell paint to ease the cleaning problems. As these are public places there is a lot of traffic that inevitably produces a lot of cleaning tasks. Commercial cleaning services look after these places. Easy to clean décor helps the situation.

Most new homes use eggshell paint in the majority of rooms. Kitchens and bathrooms which are exposed to a lot of moisture and cooking grease will benefit from gloss paint, to make cleaning easier.

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Steam Mops

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Steam mops appeared on the market shortly after the year 2000. They proved reasonably popular, at least partly because of the growing concern for the environment and for our health.

Many other cleaning systems, mops, sprays, disinfectants, detergents…etc. used various chemicals, some of which were possibly harmful. These chemicals were often needed to fight bacteria and mould. Steam mops were different, because they used the heat of their steam to destroy bacteria and dust mites, often doing so more effectively than most chemical cleaners. The small amount of water used by the steam mop quickly cooled and evaporated, doing no harm under most circumstances.

Of course some surfaces around the home, some floors and furniture, should not be cleaned with hot water or steam. Some furniture fabrics are dry clean only, and cannot be exposed to water. Wooden floors sometimes don’t respond to heat, it is one of their few weaknesses, causing them to warp. The jury is still out on whether steam mops should be used on wood, but we think it is best to avoid using steam on wood till the matter is resolved.

Steam mops look to be good for cleaning tiles, porcelain and some other hard surfaces. This makes them ideal for home bathrooms. They also save a lot of time and effort for business cleaning services and childcare centre cleaning.

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Technology is always advancing. New products and devices not only provide superior results, they are often much better for the environment.

We like to make sure all our cleaning services use the best that is available.

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Natural Alternatives for Cleaning Products

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People are in the habit of using many different chemicals for household cleaning. We started using these chemicals long ago before the dangers and side effects were well known. Now we realize that many of these substances are harmful to the environment, or cause allergies, or perhaps contribute to other various health problems in our lives. Safe alternatives to these harmful chemicals is always welcome.

  • Corn starch (cornflour) can be used to removes stains from fabrics such as carpets, rugs and some types or curtains.
  • Corn starch can also be used to polish windows and some furniture.
  • Dolly blue (washing blue) has been used for generations to keep white fabrics looking white when laundered. A biodegradable product, it is also useful for cleaning tiles and sinks.
  • Microfiber cloths are very effective cleaners for almost any hard surface. Their fibres are so fine that they remove almost all bacteria, grease and grime. A new microfiber cloth is the best option for cars and other highly polished surfaces.
  • Lemon juice will whiten many stains.
  • Hydrogen peroxide can be purchased in dilute forms. Even in this dilute concentration it effectively cleans many fabrics and hard surfaces like tiles. It is so safe than some people even whiten their teeth with peroxide, though we recommend keeping it away from your eyes. Strong hydrogen peroxide is harmful to skin.
  • Baking soda will soak up many stains in carpets or other fabrics. Leave overnight on the stain, then vacuum.
  • Baking soda and vinegar is very effective for cleaning fridges and other whitegoods. It will froth and bubble when first mixed.
  • De-solve-it is a citrus based cleaner that is excellent for removing sticky marks. It is quite safe and environmentally friendly. Find it at hardware stores.

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Our habits effect not only us but also others in the community. With Strat cleaning we prefer natural products lest one persons’ cleaning solutions interfere with a neighbour’s health.

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Cut & Polish

Some older items and pieces of furniture require more than cleaning. Sometime an antique item requires restoration. This is actual more common with valuable items, or items made from natural materials. Old style furniture, or a fine piano may benefit from a surface restoration.

Cut and polish restoration is used on painted items. It is more frequently seen with paint restoration of older cars. The surface paint on these vehicles can be removed to reveal undamaged paint beneath. This untouched paint can then be buffed to an impressive shine, almost like new.

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Some businesses, especially hotels and hospitality facilities, put a great deal of emphasis on a cultured appearance. This may include polished bannisters, antique furniture, parquet floors and perhaps a grand piano. Maintaining the appearance of these fine item is necessary for maintaining the right image for the clientele.

Cut and Polish Cleaning

Cutting compounds are abrasive pastes. They are used to remove the top layer of paint from an object, exposing undamaged paint beneath. Of course they remove the smooth shiny finish from the paint, leaving a matt surface, so this has to be restored by other means.

The shine can be restored to a painted surface by using progressively finer cutting compounds. These make the paint surface progressively smoother and shinier.

Eventually a polish cream is used to give a very fine near mirror finish to paint.

Else, the paint is initially left with a matt, chalky finish, and a clear gloss is applies to give the attractive mirror surface.

Cut and polish is good for fixing:

  • Sun damaged paint
  • Dull looking paint that was once glossy
  • Swirl marks
  • Light o medium scratches
  • Faded paint
  • Water spotting
  • Oxidization
  • Some shallow stains
  • Blurred reflections in paint.

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Common areas of Stata building often suffer considerable wear. They may benefit from restoration.

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Sometime cleaning is not enough, sometimes an item needs restoration.

Thorough regular cleaning from professionals can help prevent furniture and facilities being damaged.

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