Clothes and Sweat

Business Cleaning Services Clothing may suffer staining and odour over time. This is not acceptable in the company office, or anywhere else. The problem can be a combination of the deodorants and the inevitability of human sweat. A few cleaning tricks will help us deal with clothing stains and odour: Sweat Stains The yellow discoloration […]

Cleaning and Kids

Children make more of a mess than most adults, and will rarely clean it up on their own. Until they are old enough to learn some good habits and responsibility it helps to be proactive, and develop some means to make cleaning easier. Tips for a cleaner House when you have Children. Avoid glitter, it […]

Cleaning and Wall Paint

Home and Business Cleaning Services Sydney A few generations ago all walls were painted with a glossy finish, because that was the type of paint most often available at the time. This limited the décor options, but it provided a considerable advantage for cleaning. Glossy paint tended to resist staining and was easy to clean […]

Steam Mops

Business Cleaning Services Sydney Steam mops appeared on the market shortly after the year 2000. They proved reasonably popular, at least partly because of the growing concern for the environment and for our health. Many other cleaning systems, mops, sprays, disinfectants, detergents…etc. used various chemicals, some of which were possibly harmful. These chemicals were often […]

Natural Alternatives for Cleaning Products

Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney People are in the habit of using many different chemicals for household cleaning. We started using these chemicals long ago before the dangers and side effects were well known. Now we realize that many of these substances are harmful to the environment, or cause allergies, or perhaps contribute to other various […]

Cut & Polish

Some older items and pieces of furniture require more than cleaning. Sometime an antique item requires restoration. This is actual more common with valuable items, or items made from natural materials. Old style furniture, or a fine piano may benefit from a surface restoration. Cut and polish restoration is used on painted items. It is […]


Office Cleaning Services Sydney Our computers tend to accumulate some grime and dust. Part of this is due to the inherent design of computers; cooling fans will attract dust, as will CRT screens that generate static electricity. Btu to be honest most of the uncleanliness on our computers is due to the human user. We […]

Tips from Cleaning Services Company Sydney

Tips from Cleaning Services Company Sydney Eucalyptus oil removes many sticky residues. Marble surfaces can be protected with car polish. This prevents most stains. Buff to a shine Indentations in Pure wool carpet can be removed by placing an clean tea towel over the indentation and pressing with a warm iron. This will not work […]

Cleaning Tips from Experience 1

Strata Cleaning Some people find a systematic way of cleaning their home or apartment. This will give the most time efficient way of getting everything out of the way. Find ways to leave some household items drying while the clothes are drying on the line and you are busy with another task. This will give […]

Overlooked Cleaning

Places most over looked when cleaning: Doorknobs We touch these every day; doorknobs should accumulate germs. The effects are not as bad as one might expect as some doorknob materials, brass for instance, does have some antibacterial qualities. Still, we should clean doors and their knobs. Light Switches Like doorknobs, we touch these every day. […]