Older furniture, or antique furniture if you are lucky, can often be bought at a reasonable price if it requires some restoration. Sometimes this entails some woodwork, but often it means an afternoon of careful cleaning.   Antique Furniture Cleaning Use the mildest cleaner possible. There are cleaning agents at hardware stores designed for furniture; […]

Clean Myths

Are all Bacteria Unhealthy? Bacteria are an essential part of the ecosystem. There are billions of bacteria in and on the human body. Most of these are so useful that we would be unable to digest food without them. Only a small number of bacteria cause us problems, and even these are necessary for other […]

Microfibre Cloth

Microfibre cleaning cloths appeared on the market in the 1990s, though the research behind them dates back to the late 1950s. It was one of several popular products derive from the same line of research, another being Ultrasuede. This whole line has produce synthetic fibres that have been put to several different uses, often better […]

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality affects health. This is worse for those that suffer allergies, hay fever or conditions like asthma, but all individuals are affected to some degree by poor air. Luckily there are ways to drastically improve the situation.   Regular Room Cleaning This is basic, but necessary. Carpets can accumulate dust, pollen, toxins and […]

PETS And Scratching Furniture

Pets can be a valued part of the household, and their presence seems to benefit our general wellbeing. But some pets are inclined to scratch furniture, shed hair, track dirt in the house, or generally make a mess. Some practical methods can train your pets or prevent problems.   Cat Scratching Furniture. Cats are in […]

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning codes on Upholstery indicate the type of material used on the furniture and the most appropriate cleaning method. These codes are important as inappropriate cleaning methods can permanently damage furniture. The short description is: S- Use no water.        W – Use water based products only.             X – Professional clean only.   The actual codes […]

Teaching Kids Some Good Habits

Young children have no end of potential, but little personal experience. Given time they will make the connection between hygiene and health, tidiness and safety.  Till then it help to cultivate some good habits.   Hand Washing. This is as fundamental as it gets, but it is also as effective and essential. Teach children to […]

Beyond Cleaning

Cleaning will help carpets and other household items to last much longer and will help them retain their appearance. But other factors can cause long term problems.   UV light (Ultra Violet Light) This is the light just above the visual spectrum. It causes sunburn and premature aging in people, and also damages many organic […]

Carpet Cleaning tips

  Stain Proofing Get carpet treated with Scotchguard or other stain proof treatments. These are based on Teflon, and greatly reduce the carpets absorption of liquids and other substances. They are not 100% stain proof, but they are a huge improvement for many carpets. Organic materials like wool benefits the most; synthetic nylon benefit very […]


Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Mix a half a cup of bicarbonate of Soda with a few drops of your favourite essential oil and spread in sink. Add one quarter a cup of vinegar. After the fizzing dies down, clean with a nylon scrubber and wash with hot water. Oven Use the oven to heat a […]