Basic Commercial Cleaning Principles

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Advice for Commercial Cleaning Sydney

While technology and situations change over the years, there are still some basic principles that apply to our lives. We do well to listen to age old wisdom, and then find an appropriate way to apply it.

Clean sooner that latter – Stains will tend to soak into a surface, and perhaps react at a chemical level. If we get in as soon as possible we can minimize, perhaps completely avoid, damage.
There is the occasional exception to this principle. Dry mud (which turns to dirt) is easier to clean than wet mud.

Clean with dry methods first, then go wet – We should sweep or vacuum the floor first. We should dust the shelves and furniture. Then we can move on to wet cleaning. By dry method cleaning first we remove most of the dirt and dust that would become mud with the wet cleaning.

Clean from top down – Dirt and dust obey the law of gravity. So do the cleaning fluids. The consequences of this should be obvious. If we try to clean the ceiling after we have already cleaned the floor then the dirt from the ceiling ends up getting the floor dirty again. We end up cleaning the floor a second time. It is far better to clean the ceiling first and work our way downward.
Cleaning fluids also work their way downward. So we should clean the top of the mirror first, and let the fluid flow downward as we move towards cleaning the base of the mirror.

Start cleaning mild, and only use aggressive methods if necessary – Mild cleaning such as vacuuming and dusting will very rarely cause harm. A damp cloth will rarely cause harm either. But sometimes this isn’t enough. Stubborn stains or hardened grime will require stronger cleaning methods.
Start with mild general cleaning, then spot clean with stronger methods when required.

Wipe rather than spray – This idea became more obvious during the age of electronics. We should put the cleaning fluid on the cloth, then wipe the surface. Avoid spraying the cleaning fluid directly on the surface. Some people have found out the hard way that spraying onto a keyboard will lead to damage to the electronic mechanisms inside.

Read instructions – This is the obvious thing, but we make the mistake of thinking that it is so obvious that we don’t need to do it. The cleaning products will tell you the correct way to use the product, and the appropriate surfaces to use the product on. They are almost always right.

Look after your health – This means wearing rubber gloves and a mask. In some situations we might need other protective garb. The cleaning fluids can get into our bodies and strain our kidneys, or our lungs. Basic gloves and masks prevent 99% of problems.

Commercial Cleaning Sydney

It is easy to take cleaning for granted, but mess quickly accumulates. Employ professional cleaning to keep things pristine.