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Blinds and Commercial Cleaning Castle Hill


Many offices have blinds on the windows. This is not only because blinds are functional, but also because they give a professional air to a business premises.


Blinds are functional in that they can provide privacy and block glare and sunlight when closed. But they can also be opened when we want to use outside light. If we have Venetian blinds we can angle the slats upward, allowing natural light in while still providing privacy. This works especially well in high rise buildings.


About the only downside to blinds is cleaning. Many blinds have intricate details and multiple flat surfaces that accumulate dust. This is much more difficult to clean than a flat table that can be wiped down, or a curtain that can be put through the washing machines. But there are some tricks that make the cleaning of blinds reasonably easy.


Commercial Cleaning Castle Hill – Types of Blind


Venetian Blinds

We can clean most aluminium, PVC and plastic Venetian blinds by wiping them down with a damp cloth. Some people find an old sock does this well. Wearing the sock like a glove we can wipe both sides a blind slat at the same time.

Alternately, a microfibre cloth will remove virtually all the dust and germs on a blind. This works even without water. A vacuum with a soft brush attachment will work well on blinds. Vacuums and microfibre cloths are probably the best option for timber blinds as the wood will not tolerate too much moisture.


Romans Blinds

These have vertical slats, usually made of cloth. If the design allows we can detach each slat and clean it separately. We may even find that we can simply vacuum the slats when they are placed flat on the ground. If you see any stains, spot clean these with carpet cleaners.

If the slats cannot be easily detached we can still clean them with a vacuum. Hold each slat straight with one hand while using the vacuum with the other hand. A small vacuum (dust buster) might be ideal for this.


Roller Blinds

Roller blinds can usually have the blind section easily removed from the brackets at the top of the window. If so, they can be vacuumed while flat on the ground. If they are PVC they can be washed with a damp sponge or cloth.

If the blinds cannot be easily removed, then vacuum the blind with a soft attachment, or wipe with a damp rag or a microfibre cloth.

Avoid getting moisture in the metal mechanism of the blind, as it may lead to rust.



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Professional office cleaning improves staff morale and creates a good impression for prospective clients.