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Office and home surfaces may look neat and clean. The tables may be free of dust, the carpets is vacuumed, and the trash has been emptied. But there may be germs all around which are invisible to the naked eye. This is the cause of most illness. And these days we are more wary of germs than every before.

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Illnesses like the Flu initially spread through the air when people sneeze or cough. But the droplets in the air soon land on surrounding surfaces, where they easily spread to anybody who touches them. During summer hot weather these germs tend to break down more quickly; the surface is probably disinfected after an hour. Bright direct UV sunlight also disinfects surfaces. But during colder winter weather the germs survive for much longer, perhaps 6 to 8 hours. This is probably why there is more illness during the colder weather – the germs stay active in the environment for much longer, and infect more people.

If we are to prevent germs and illnesses in business offices, where the cooler temperature actually encourages germs to survive, we need very thorough cleaning. Failure to do this means illnesses that pass from one employee to the next.

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There are some areas of the office that are notorious for collecting germs.

Doorknobs – Almost everybody who enters a room or building touches the doorknob. This same doorknob has been touched by a sick person, and the germs are quickly passed between people. These need to be sprayed with sanitiser.
Elevator buttons, doorbells and other similar devices are as germ prone as doorknobs.

Phones – The rumour is that mobile phones have more germs than bathroom facilities. This might be an exaggeration, but they do tend to get dirty. We should wipe these down once per day.

Computer keyboards – These acquire germs as that are handled for many hours every day. The saving grace is that individuals in offices tend to stick to their own keyboard, so the germs are not passed around too much. It still helps if we clean them at least twice weekly.

Desktops – These have a large surface area, so at least parts of the desk will inadvertently collect germs floating in the air. It helps that staff tend to stay at their own desk when working, but we should wipe down desks.

Chair arms – These are easily overlooked, but there are often germs on armrests and chair arms because we frequently touch these with our hands.

Kitchens – This may not be the most germ prone area, but we put food on kitchens surfaces, so any germs in the kitchen can end up on our food. So we need to keep this clean.

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A clean, healthy office means better company image, better morale, and less staff illness. Call the professional cleaners.