Why Do We Have Deeper Carpet Cleaning?

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Of course we need to clean the carpets every week, if not twice per week. Carpets take a little more effort that hard, sweepable floors, but they are luxurious, and often people find that its worth the effort. But over time carpets will need more than the weekly clean. They will also need a twice yearly deep clean. In some situations they will need this deep clean several times per year.

A deep clean is usually a steam clean. This gets deep into the shag fibre and removes both grit and chemical residue. Removing grit is important because if it is left deep in the carpet shag fibre it causes wear. Removing chemical residue is important for the health of the people in the building. Chemicals left in the carpet can aggravate allergies, as can pollen and other substances brought in from outside.

Steam cleaning works without cleaning agents or chemicals. It just uses the steam produces by heat. This steam is injected deep into the carpet, and then vacuumed back up again, extracting the dirt, grit, pollen and chemical residue in the carpet.

Frequent Commercial Cleaning North Sydney

Homes and most offices will need steam cleaning twice per year. But some commerical buildings require cleaning 4 times per year. This is because they experience more exposure to dirt and chemicals.

We recommend more frequent cleaning with:

– Rooms near beaches, where sand is brought in on shoes.
– Outdoors surfaces that have sand in parking lots or doorways.
– Parking lots with oil, antifreeze or other chemicals.
– Industries that deal with chemicals.
– Buildings near grass areas that have pesticides.
– Medical facilities.
– Daycare facilities.
– Nursing homes.
– Retail stores, because of heavy foot traffic.
– Restaurants.
– Common Areas in Strata buildings.

Steam cleaning will extend the life of the carpet, preserving its appearance and preventing deep down wear. This proves more economical in the long term.

Strata Cleaning Coogee

Steam cleaning twice or more per year will extend the life of carpets. Have the cleaning done be professionals.