Bathroom Cleaning

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Every building of any size has a bathroom or public amenities. Cleaning the facilities is not the most pleasant or exciting job, but it has to be done. Getting the bathroom clean in minimal time make sense. So any tricks of the trade can help here.

Some people set aside a certain amount of time once per week to clean the bathroom. This give a sense of satisfaction on completion. Other people do some bathroom clean each day, so that every aspect of the room has been cleaned by the end of the week. Follow whichever method works for you.

Simplify Cleaning – Strata Cleaning Maroubra

We tend to accumulate a small cupboard of cleaning products and utensils. Most of these are redundant. We make things easier on ourselves by having a few products to cover all the cleaning needs. So throw out old sponges and mop heads, and use the last of any cleaning liquids and powders that are still fresh.

Bathroom cleaning equipment can be limited to:

– Microfibre cloths
– Polishing cloth
– Sponges
– Spray bottle of all purpose cleaner
– Spray bottle of water
– Special toilet bowl cleaner
– Perhaps vinegar and Bi Carb of Soda

That is for regular cleaning. Occasionally we do some deep cleaning with bleach and a scrubbing brush.

Clean as you go – Strata Cleaning Maroubra

Have a microfibre cloth on hand to wipe the bathroom mirror whenever you see a smudge. Or wipe down the sink when necessary.

Use the special toilet bowl cleaner early in the morning before leaving the home, so it can sit there and do its work during the day. Flush the system when you come home in the evening, and that is the regular cleaning done.

Spray bleach on the shower tiles once per month, and wait an hour before hosing it down. This gets rid of most mould and soap scum.

Have a tray on the bathroom bench to hold items. This stops the bench getting too dirty. It is easy to wipe done the tray, perhaps cleaning it in the dishwasher.

Have a bin with a lid in the bathroom.

Strata Cleaning Coogee

Regular Cleaning makes all the difference to the space we live in. Hire professionals if you want the best results.