What to Expect with Office Cleaning?

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Of course maintaining your office is a priority. The appearance of your business space is a reflection on your company. If you look untidy the potential clients will think of your business as being disorganised. Furthermore, your own staff will tend to suffer lower morale, as an untidy environment does not encourage the best work or attitude. So a clean office basically means a better business.

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A commercial cleaning company is a must for any business operation of any reasonable size. You cannot expect your staff to do a thorough job of cleaning, and you do not realise how much time the cleaning takes. When your staff spend time doing the cleaning they are taking it away from the time they should be doing company work. This is a larger loss of productivity than we might think. It is better to have your staff do company work and only have the cleaning done after hours when it will not disrupt the business operation.

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What services should the office cleaning company supply? Well they might be cleaning the entire building, including other company offices, or they might just clean your office. So different services might apply. Do they need to clean stairwells and car parks? Or does the building owner arrange for that cleaning?

– Hard Floor maintenance. Flood need to be swept on a regular basis and occasionally mopped. Some hard floors may need polishing or other treatments from time to time.

– Carpet Cleaning – Carpets need to be vacuumed at least twice per week. And every six month they need to be steam cleaned to remove deep down grit. This cleaning help promote the life of the carpet.

– Window Cleaning – At least the inside of the window needs cleaning. External cleaning is up to the building owner. Interior glass is tricky to clean, so professional have a few tricks and special products to help them.

– Kitchens – As the staff do not live in the office kitchen, so they cannot be expected to clean up after themselves. And an unclean kitchen is not only unsightly, it is also unhygienic. Microwave ovens, sinks, bench top and the whole kitchen must be wiped down and disinfected.

– Bins – These need to be emptied at least every other day. We don’t realise this until somebody neglects the work.

– Air ducts and dusting – If we do not clean air conditioners and all the office surfaces, including window sills and ceilings, the office will steadily accumulate dust.

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You need an office cleaning company that is trustworthy, reliable and thorough. We are the professionals your company can rely on.