Cleaning the Washing Machine

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We all realise that a dirty sponge will not clean any surface. Dirty cleaning utensils only spread the germs and grim further. What we need is a cleaning utensil that soaks up the dirt to leave the surface clean.

A washing machine can suffer a similar problem. If the machine has not been cleaned it will not be able to clean the clothes, in fact, it might make the worse!

If you have ever caught a musty or stale smell from your wet clothing as it comes out of the machine then it is quite likely that your washing machine is causing the problem.

How to clean washing machine

There are several sections of the machine that need to be cleaned. All of these sections are relatively easy, we just have to make sure to do them all on a regular basis.

– A few modern machines have an automatic clean cycle. Use this as often as recommended in the instruction manual.

– If there is no auto clean option then add 1/2 a cup of liquid chlorine bleach to the detergent dispenser and run a normal hot water cycle. Then run an extra rinse and spin cycle.

– Clean the dispenser draw after cleaning the rest of the machine. Use an old toothbrush and hot water.

– Wipe down any rubber parts of the machine, specifically behind the door.

– Wipe down the drum inside the machine. Make sure the power is off, though most machines will not activate if the door is open.

If helps is you never leave wet clothes in the machine. Wet clothing will cause a musty odour. If you use the washing machine overnight either empty it straight away of use a timer so it finishes the cycle when you wake in the morning.

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