Child Friendly Cleaning Habits

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It would be nice if we could all learn good habits when we were young. We can try to teach kids good habits, with the intention of developing their character for later on, and to make things a little easier on ourselves. Not all of what we teach them will stick, but even if only some of it works then the teaching is worth the effort

Strata Cleaning Maroubra – Preschool Children

Children of this age have no experience, but they often like to imitate adults. Use this mimicry to your advantage. Make them your little helper for chores.

Consistency is the key. Children tend to like some sense of routine, and can be confused with disrupted schedules, or doing things in an inconsistent fashion. So start with simple activities like putting toys back in boxes, and progress to arranging possessions on shelves.

– Sorting and throwing trash out
– Putting used dishes in the sink
– Putting clothes in the laundry basket at the end of the day
– Taking the laundry basket out of the washing machine
– Helping fold clean clothes and sorting them into draws.

Strata Cleaning North Sydney – Young Children

Primary children can be uneven in temperament and behaviour – eager to please at some points, negligent at other times. At the same time they are more rational and can see some sense in what they are asked to do, even if they resist doing it. Assign them some useful chores, and find ways to motivate them.

– Make their own bed
– Take out the trash
– Wash some dishes
– Organise their belongings
– Help you tidy up the kitchen and living room
– Help with laundry and hanging clothes

Strata Cleaning Parramatta – Teenage Cleaning

Nobody has figured out the mind of a teenager, even all the adults who used to be teenagers. But one way or another they will need to acquire or be taught responsibility, including the ability to clean up after themselves.
It helps if the teens have possessions that they are fond of and attached to. Indulge them a little with the right jacket and style of bedclothes that they like, on the understanding that they are responsible for looking after these things. They basically have to clean their own possessions.

Strata Cleaning Maroubra – Benefits Of Cleaning

– Less chance of illness as there is far less dust, dirt, and bacteria.
– Allergy attacks will decrease. Allergies often connect to dust.
– You will be in a better frame of mind. Many have noticed that living in a neat and tidy environment reduces stress levels and improves mood. They also tend to sleep better.
– You know where things are, fewer things get lost. Cleaning is much easier when you you organise your belongings.
– You don’t have to worry about unexpected visitors popping in. Because the home is already tidy

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We prefer a clean home because it the background for a better life. Call the professionals for the best cleaning results.