Are There Occasional Cleaning Options?

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Commercial Cleaning North Sydney

Some home and office areas are cleaned every week, of perhaps every day. We need to constantly clean the kitchen. We need to vacuum floors every few days. But a few areas only require cleaning perhaps once per month. Areas like windows or car park only need an occasional clean, but the cleaning for these areas is specialised, and though it is occasional it needs to be very thorough.

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High pressure cleaning work for hard surfaces.

Car parks use high pressure cleaning to clean hard cement floors and walls. This removes even difficult stains and dirt.

Tiled areas like community bathroom and spas use high pressure cleaning for tiles and grout surfaces. This is essential for removing stubborn mould and dirt. This is a matter of hygiene as well as appearances.

The outer surfaces of some buildings, particularly brick, stone and cement, benefit from high pressure cleaning. Brick can look dirty is there is any run off from water on roofs of higher floors. The dust form cement can make light coloured brick look very unclean. High pressure cleaning promptly removed this otherwise stubborn, large scale residue.

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While we need to vacuum carpets every few days we also need to give them a deep clean every 6 months.

Steam cleaning gives a deep, thorough cleaning to carpets. This removes both the deep down grit in the carpet pile and any allergens. The grit in the carpet pile causes a lot of wear and tear as the carpet is walked on. So removing this with steam cleaning actually helps the carpet last longer and look less worn.

Strata Cleaning North Sydney

It is too easy to overlook the community areas in shared accommodation. Everybody uses these areas, but no single person is responsible for their upkeep. Professional cleaning is the best option for these areas that need both weekly vacuuming and occasional deal cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning North Sydney

Professional cleaning looks after the community areas in Strata and business premises. Be sure of the most thorough job with professional services.