What is Commercial Cleaning?

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We might think of commercial as one step up from residential. Commercial implies a professional setting or a professional level of performance. Commercial cleaning refers to cleaning in business premises, where matters have to be very thorough. It is different to residential cleaning mainly due to the location, it cleans business buildings rather than homes. But cleaners who do commercial cleaning will have a lot of experience in high end cleaning, and will tend to do a very through job on everything that they handle.

Commercial Cleaning Macquarie Park

A commercial cleaning service is for those things we will encounter in business. It deals with waste cleanup, hazardous cleanup, and heavy duty cleaning. It will look after community stairwells, car parks, open shop spaces, high rise windows,
and public areas in malls.

commercial cleaning will look after many areas that are not occupied by residents. There is nobody living there, so there is nobody cleaning up after themselves. Mess will accumulate quickly because there is a lot of human traffic and only a few professional cleaners to take care of a very large space.

A list of the types of commercial and industrial premises commercial cleaners provide cleaning services for would include:

– High-Rises
– Shops
– Data Centers
– Restaurants
– Showrooms
– Factories
– Schools
– Government Facilities
– Function Centers
– Offices
– Medical Facilities

Businesses need regular cleaning because they need to maintain a good impression for potential clients. It also helps with staff morale and efficiency.

Storefronts and factories also need commercial cleaning for safety reasons. Accidents in commercial spaces can lead to legal action. So immaculate facilities are highly important. Sometimes clean takes place while the area is in use, so safety precautions are paramount.

Commercial cleaning tasks for shops office spaces include:

– Emptying waste bins and replace liners. Wash when needed.
– Vacuuming of hard floors
– Vacuuming mats and carpets
– Wipe all horizontal surfaces with a damp cloth of chairs, tables, desks, and other types of furniture
– Dusting of all horizontal surfaces of chairs, tables, desks, and other types of furniture
– Public Bathroom cleaning
– Mopping hard floors using disinfectants
– Cleaning stairwells
– Cleaning lifts
– Removal of cobwebs from all areas
– Collecting all garbage, bottles, papers, etc. from the front entrance
– Ensure all areas are cleaned and arranged neatly
– Spot clean painted surfaces and walls
– Remove fingerprints and marks from door frames and light switches
– Wipe all internal glass
– Window cleaning of all exteriors
– Polish brass and bright work on cabinets and doors
– Cleaning of doors inside and out

Commercial Cleaning Castle Hill

Thorough cleaning is vital for all business premises. Employ commercial cleaners as part of your business operation.