How do I Clean Oven Glass?

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Given that we prepare most of our food in the kitchen we greatly prefer everything to be clean, hygienic and reasonably neat. One area that is easy to overlook here is the glass on the oven door. Oven surfaces will quickly accumulate grease from cooking. This looks unsightly, and there is grease on the oven door we will not be able to see inside the oven.

Most oven surfaces get a quick clean every other day or so. But many of us are in the habit of not cleaning the inside of the oven door, at least not until the task becomes unavoidable and seemingly difficult. Yet we can clean the inside of the oven door in less than 20 minutes. This is probably something we should do at least once per week.

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The inside of the oven will be a hard to clean surfaces because the grease is baked on by all the heat. So dish soap and hot water will not be enough. Instead, we need something stronger.

1 Pour half a cup of bicarbonate of soda into a small dish, and add water to make a paste.
2 While wearing rubber gloves, spread the paste over the glass on the oven door, covering every area.
3 Leave this for fifteen minutes.
4 Wipe the glass clean with a damp cloth. Make sure to completely remove all the bicarb paste.
5 Dry the glass with a clean cloth to remove streaking.

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1 Remove the trays and racks from the oven.
2 place them in a large plastic container, or the bathtub if you have nothing else available. Put some plastic under them if you use the bathtub, to prevent scratches.
3 Cover the racks and trays with bicarb of Soda, then cover then with white vinegar.
4 Let this vinegar and bicarb sit until the foaming has subsided. Then cover them with hot water.
5 Let the racks and trays say in the hot water overnight.
6 Use a stiff brush and an old toothbrush to clean the racks, as the grease will now be soft.
7 Wipe with an old rag or towel, then rinse clean with cold water.

This oven gear will now be clean.

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It is too easy to miss areas that need cleaning. Call the professionals to be assured of the best possible results.