Are Steam Mops A Good Option?

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Steam mops are one of those convenient modern cleaning devices that first appeared a few years ago. It was another all-in-one cleaning ideas that proved useful for at least some cleaning situations. The mop would use the heat of steam to clean hard floors, without the need for harsh chemicals or heavy scrubbing.

Anybody who has had to clean a hard floor by using a mop and bucket will appreciate the appeal of a steam mop. A bucket of dirty, soapy water seems messy compared to a modern electric steam mop. The mop does most of the work for you. You don’t have to keep dipping the mop into the bucket, don’t have to mix a cleaning solution, and you don’t end up putting the dirty water back on the floor.

Steam mops use the heat of the steam they produce to clean hard surfaces. This heat removes bacteria and germs, and dislodges grime and other surface stains. The fact there is no chemical cleaners is good for both our health and the environment.

But cleaning with heat has its limitations. Steam mops are great for hard tiles, and if they are not too hot they work well on vinyl flooring. But they are dangerous for timber floors, because the heat and moisture will cause the timber to warp and buckle. Some steam mops claim to be suitable for wooden floors, but given the expense of good timber flooring it is not worth the risk.

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As with conventional mopping we should vacuum the floor first. This prevents large items like sand and hair from getting into the mop.

Some models of Steam mop suggest mixing a little vinegar in with the water. This is helpful for cleaning, but check the instructions to make sure your model of mop allows this.

Always make sure the cleaning pad on the mop is freshly cleaned. Most cleaning pads are microfibre, which can be put in the washing machine.

Remove the pad after cleaning and let it dry. A damp mop pad will be prone to collecting mildew, which is not good for the next time you clean.

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