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Office Cleaning Sydney

There are many places in offices where dust, bugs, mould and moisture quietly accumulate. We need to be rid of these to be both neat, and to prevent illness in staff and clients.

Cords and computer cables were a big issue in the early days of the computer revolution. This has significantly decreased in the era of Bluetooth and WiFi. But there will always be a few power cords and USB connection around the desk.
Bundle cables together, and run them behind and under the work desk. Have the cables emerge through the desk next to the relevant equipment.

Have a weekly clean of the computers with a damp microfiber cloth. Do not use wet cloths as the metal on the computer can rust.

Wipe down the monitor screen with a microfiber cloth and anti-static spray.

If there are dirty surfaces on computers, use anti-static spray on a cloth and wipe clean.

Clean any air vents on the computer with a small vacuum brush attachment, and perhaps a can of compressed air.

Put some surface insecticide on a rag and wipe it over the back of the computer equipment, to deter bugs.

The mouse needs to be cleaned with mentholated spirits. Optical mouses can be simply wiped over. Mechanical mouses need to be disassembled and have the fluff removed from the inside. Clean the mouse pad with mentholated spirits too.

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Books and Shelves

Dust down bookshelves with a soft brush vacuum attachment. Do this once per week.

Sprinkle silicone crystals or oil of cloves along the back of the shelves to prevent mildew.


Vacuum carpets at least once per week.

Have the carpets steam cleaned every 6 months. This removes deep down grime. The life of the carpet is extended when we have regular steam cleaning because this removes the grit that causes wear and tear.

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Light fitting and air conditioning ducts are often overlooked. Vacuum these with a soft brush attachment. Perhaps use some compressed air in a can on hard to reach places.

Any sticky spots on hard surfaces can be cleaned with a citrus based cleaner like De-Solve-It, available at hardware stores. Perhaps leave this on the stain for a few minutes before wiping clean with a paper towel.

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Kitchens are easy to overlook in an office. But they can be an issue if there are food crumbs or spilt organic substances.

Office kitchens are cleaned in the same manner as home kitchens. Wipe down everything and keep it hygienic. Remember to clean inside microwaves, inside fridges, and to clean dishes and all coffee equipment.

Office Cleaning Sydney

A neat and tidy office presents a professional image for your company, and prevents employee illness.