The Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

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It would be a mistake to confuse cleaning with disinfecting. This is much the same error people make when they confuse neatness with sanitary conditions. A room can look neat, but be full of germs. It is tidy but not sanitary. In order to be really clean we need to disinfect all surfaces.

With the Covid-19 pandemic we are more aware of the need of sanitation than ever before. Sanitising makes all the difference when it comes to preventing the spread of the disease. While person to person contact seems to be the major way they the germs are passed on we can still prevent a lot of illness by removing germs left on surfaces.

We need to sanitise homes and offices at least once per day. Even if we are fairly isolated there is always the chance of germs coming into our space on shopping items or mail. Studies have show that Coronavirus can live on surfaces for hours or even days. So there is always a risk of any occupied space being infected.

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Coronavirus can be neutralised with soap and water as the soap breaks down the walls of the virus. But this is not instantaneous, and takes a certain amount of scrubbing. A disinfectant, on the other hand, kills the virus on contact, providing far better disinfection.

Good disinfectants, effect for killing Coronavirus, include isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and Dettol. These are available as sprays, wipe and sometimes gels.

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There are several home and office areas that need daily disinfection.

– All cupboards, cabinets, draws and knobs.
– All taps and toilets, including doors and doorknobs.
– Any remote controls and game console.
– All Kitchen, bathroom counters and table surfaces.
– All staircase railings.
– Light switches,
– Refrigerator, microwaves and other facilities
– All door knobs and handles.
– Mobile phones and devices
– All computers, keyboards and mice.

Wear disposable gloves when disinfecting, and wash hands after completion.

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Disinfection of your office or home means a clean safe environment, and a greatly reduced chance of any illness.