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Strata Cleaning Sydney apartment cleaning sydney

Strata Cleaning Sydney

Strata combines several types of cleaning. There is cleaning for both the private residence units, and for the common areas used by everybody. Commercial cleaning services make sense for strata complexes, being able to look after the communal living spaces, and perhaps cleaning private residence apartments when needed.

Tiimber floors are popular in many high end buildings. They are durable and long lasting, and have a certain air of luxury. They are also easy to clean if we have the right methods.

Apartment Cleaning Sydney

Apartments do not have as much space as most homes. So residents tend to make the best use of the space they have, and try to keep the floor area clear. It helps to give a sense of space to an apartment if the rooms are kept sparse. Timber floors help in this regard, they give a sense of openness, more so than heavy carpets.

Timber Floor Cleaning – Strata Cleaning Sydney

– It is fairly quick and simple to sweep a hard wood floor. This gets rid of most dust and grime. This is best done once or twice per week. An alternative to sweeping is vacuuming with a soft brush attachment.
– A microfibre cloth cleaner is also good for hard floors. These will not only pick up fine dust, but they will also remove most bacteria. This goes a long way towards decontaminating a floor, all without the use of harsh chemicals.
– Hard floors should be mopped every few weeks, perhaps once per month. Use a damp (not too wet) mop and a bucket of warm water with a little vinegar. Mop in the direction of the wood grain. Let the floor air dry, or perhaps use a fan to circulate the air above the floor.
Microfiber mops are a good option for hardwood floors.
– Keep a sponge or small mop on hand in case of a spill. Clean up any spills as quickly as possible. This will prevent any damage.
– Make sure to remove shoes in the home. This prevents grit from scratching the floor.
– Do not use steam mops on hardwood. While some of these mops claim to be safe there is a risk of the steam damaging the floor.

One great advantage of hardwood is that they are allergen free – there is no place for dust, pollen or dirt to hide. As long as the floor is swept clean and occasionally mopped there is virtually no issues with dust or allergens.

Strata Cleaning Sydney

Timber floors are a great option for attractive, allergen free surroundings. Make sure the timber floors have regular cleaning by professionals.