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commercial office cleaning lane cove

Office Cleaning Lane Cove

Most of us have asked whether is it better to clean the office ourselves, or to hire a professional cleaning service.
It would initially seem to be better to perform the cleaning ourselves. Almost everybody has vacuumed a few floors with acceptable results. And there is a strong DIY trend in today’s society. But what we often overlook here is the time this takes. If we do clean the office ourselves, often used by a large staff, then we will be spending several hours at least twice per week doing the vacuuming, dusting, blind cleaning, disinfecting …etc. This takes a large chunk of our time, which we should be spending on our job.
If we spend time cleaning we are spending less time on our role in the company, and this means more lost revenue than we realize. It is usually more cost effective to earn more with the company, and hire a professional to do the cleaning.

The advantages of Professional cleaners.
– You save considerable time, which you can spend on developing your company.
– You don’t have to perform monotonous tasks each week.
– You arrive at a clean office each day, which feels good and improves morale and motivation.
– Professionals will clean to a very high standard.
– Professional cleaners work outside of office hours, so there is no disruption to your office routine.
– Professional cleaners will look after aspects of the cleaning that most people aren’t aware of. Computers and keyboards are dusted, carpets will be periodically disinfected.
– Professional cleaners use high quality industrial grade equipment that delivers supeior results.
– Professional cleaners buy high quality supplies in bulk, which is a cost saving, and which delivers the best possible results.

Office Cleaning Lane Cove

A clean office presents a professional image to your clients, and professional cleaning saves you time and money.