How to Look after the Bedroom

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Every room of our house is a little different. We set up bedrooms in a different way to the bathrooms and kitchens. And we will clean them in a different way too.

Bedrooms are about comfort, about storing clothes, and have a a room that is a little bit of a retreat from the outside world – a little bit of privacy for sleeping in peace.

– Set up the bedroom in a colour coordinated way. Look for something that is relaxing. It can be a little crowded if you wish, because you don’t have to dance around in this room or entertain guests. Think of snug rather than open spaces.
– Carpet on the floors is good in bedrooms – it feels good under bare feet. But rugs on a hard floor can work too. because bedrooms tend to be small the floors is quick to clean. And spills aren’t often a problem, so carpets will stay in good condition
– Put up light blocking curtains or blinds, because it is hard to sleep when daylight comes in.
– Lighting in the bedroom is a neglected area. Bright lights will make it hard to sleep, especially if they are blue tinted or imitate daylight. Even after the light is turned out our body will find it hard to sleep because the blue light has woken us up. Red light is better for late night- it is easy on the eyes and will not keep us awake.
– Air circulation is important. You will have trouble sleeping if you are too hot or too cold. Find a way to have an comfortable temperature in the bedroom. And make sure the air is fresh as you don’t want to sleep in state air and wake up feeling heavy headed. The sound of a fan or quite air conditioner is okay in the bedroom, it helps some people sleep.
– Bed can accumulate dust mites. These are a nuisance. Have the mattress cleaned every month or two, the sheets cleaned at least once per week. And have the whole bedroom disinfected before the bed and furniture is put in.
– Get a pillow and mattress that suit you well. This may be a matter of trial and error, but a good night’s sleep will impact every aspect of your life, so find what works and enjoy the benefits.
– Clothes storage is important. Put acid free liners in draws to protect clothing, and something to deter moths in the wardrobes. Some silicon pack near clothes will greatly reduce moisture.
– Have a rack for shoes so they can air out. Some people leave this outside the bedroom.

Clean the bedroom on a regular basis and you will sleep a little better.

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