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Blinds are useful and popular. They can block light and provide indoor privacy with ease, and are more effective at this than most curtain. The disadvantage is that they are a little hard to clean. Unlike curtains we cannot simply put them in the wash. Blinds are often permanently attached to the window frame, or are too bulky to fin in a washing machine.

But it is important to keep blinds clean:

– Dirty blinds look unsightly. An otherwise clean room will be spoiled by dirty blinds.
– Dirt on any surface is unhealthy, but on the blinds it is even worse because we cannot have clean air come in through the window.
– Dirt can interfere with the function of the blind mechanism, though this is rare with a well designed blind.

Cleaning Blinds:

Venetian Blinds:
These are the horizontal slat blinds, where the slats rotate 90 degrees to let light in or block light out.

There is a lot of surface area on Venetian blinds, but it is not easy to access this. There are many smaller surfaces, and several slats to be wiped down. It is not like a floor where the surface is one flat area. Cleaning is a little tedious with all these smaller surfaces.

An old sock or glove can be used to clean blinds. Put the sock/glove on one hand and wipe each slat of the blind, wiping top and bottom at the same time.

A vacuum with a soft brush attachment can give blinds a light cleaning.

Roller Blinds:

These are easier to clean. If the blind section is removable it can be taken down and vacuumed with a brush attachment. It can also be washed with soap and water.

Often the roller blinds can be given a light clean with a vacuum brush attachment whilst still hanging on the window. they also benefit from the occasional wet wash with detergent and water.

Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney

Some cleaning jobs are tedious and time consuming. Call the professionals, so your windows, blinds and accessories can be kept clean and pristine.