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Bathrooms usually have more glass surfaces than other rooms in the home. Bathrooms have windows, mirrors and sometime shower-screens made of glass. These surfaces are exposed to a lot of steam, moisture and soap scum, so we should take care to clean them frequently and appropriately.

Soap scum is the bane of bathroom hard surfaces, particularly tiled floor and walls, but also glass partitions. It is the waxy film that accumulates over time, the product of many different soaps and shampoos. It is difficult to remove by conventional cleaning methods, including scrubbing. And it is worse in areas with hard water (high mineral content).

If glass partitions and mirrors have a cloudy appearance then it is almost certainly accumulated soap scum. Tiled floors that have soap scum remain sticky and impossible to clean. conventional cleaning, which uses detergent only adds to the problem, adding more soap. To be cleaned the soap needs to be dissolved and removed.

To prevent soap scum in the shower you should wipe down the glass surfaces with a microfibre cloth or squeegee after each use, perhaps once per day. Using soap without talc can significantly reduce the problem. A few products used on car windshields are designed to prevent water beading. Using these in the shower will help keep glass clean, as the water is repelled.

To remove soap scum from glass:
– Spray the glass with glass cleaner. You can make your own glass cleaner with: 1/2 cup peroxide, 1/2 cup alcohol, 1 teaspoon of dish soap.
– Alternatively, use a mixture of bi-carbonate of soda, salt and vinegar. Mix this to a paste and leave it on the glass for 5 minutes before wiping off.
– A damp magic eraser (melamine) will remove spa scum, though this will require some scrubbing effort.

Strata Cleaning Sydney

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