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It is hard to keep an space clean, or certainly looking clean, when the rooms are full of clutter. A room full of items will feel messy, even if every particle of dust is removed. Arranging everything neatly will help, as will hidden storage space. But if there is simple too much stuff to store and arrange the home or office will feel like an attic or basement.

Many of us only start de-cluttering when we move location, realizing that there is too much material to transport. But our home or office will be better for us getting rid of the chaff. If the thought of packing up all those possession is daunting, then you have too much stuff.

If you have Decided to De-clutter:

Divide the present possessions into categories.
– Things to keep.
– Things to put in storage, like Christmas decorations and ski gear.
– Things to donate.
– Things to throw out.

Have boxes for each of these, keep the different categories separated, and label them. You can get boxes from supermarkets or office suppliers.

If in doubt about the usefulness of item, put them in a box and store them. If you don;t open the box after 6 month, it’s probably not going to be used.

Items like CDs and DVDs are semi-obsolete today; we can get the same music and films from streaming services. Keep the classics and collector’s editions, donate the rest.

Consider replacing bulky TVs with wall mounted flat screens, or using a roof mounted projector to put the image on the wall.

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Older offices were often full of client files. 90% of this is now replaced by computer data. Store as much as possible as online files (the Cloud) with backup, remembering that almost any document can be scanned.

Find ways to connect computers wire wireless, and or running cables out of site. This open up the space and reduces clutter.

There is a huge psychological advantage to a de-cluttered home. The open space gives a feeling of freedom, and having let go of the past.

Office Cleaning Sydney CBD

Have a neat space that you want to live and work in. And have our professional cleaners maintain that space.