Cleaning Tile Floors

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Tile floors are the best choice for any room that is frequently wet. So almost all bathrooms and many kitchens use tiles on floors, and often on part of the walls.

Of course cleaning tiles is different to cleaning other floors, even other hard floors. And, perhaps ironically, the wrong method can actually make the tiled surface dirtier.

There are two general methods for tiled floors. There is sweeping/vacuuming, and there is wet mopping. We need to sweep/vacuum on a regular basis, and wet mop perhaps every week or two.

Sweeping/vacuuming – This removes the loose grit, dust and debris from the floor. By removing this we greatly reducing the scratching and wear on the tiles.

If we vacuum we should use a soft bristle vacuum attachment. Sweeping is also best done with a soft bristle broom.

Wet Mopping – Because tiles are highly water resistant (Provided the grout is sealed) we can afford to use a very wet mop, unlike timber floors where the mop can only be damp.
– Sweep before mopping, lest the duct be turned to mud by the water.
– Spot clean any obvious stains on the floor.
– Mop with a solution of that is designed for the type of tile that you have. Ceramic tiles, stone and porcelain are all different. The wrong cleaner will damage for material. Buy the right cleaner from the hardware or tile store.
– If necessary, use a scrubbing brush on any grout that looks unclean.
– If you have a problem with mould or mildew on the grout use bleach or chlorine (not both at once) to spot clean the affected areas. Check to see if this is okay with the type of tiles you have. Always mop away the bleach/chlorine afterward.

Tiles can accumulate soap scum, which is detergent that has dried out on the floor. This leaves the floor sticky, and prone to retaining dirt. If we want to clean this soap scum off the floor we need to use an alkaline based cleaner.

Steam mops are a good option for tiles floors. They can be used with just plain water, or with a little cleaning fluid.

Office Cleaning Services Sydney

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