Weekly Habits

Strata Cleaning Sydney

Strata Cleaning Sydney

We often accumulate possessions and waste – empty boxes, old phones, expired coupon books – that simply clutter up our living space, and make the home look untidy. This is especially bad if we live in small apartment. It seems like a difficult task to deal with this all at once, but we can tackle the problem in small steps.


  • Throw our five items per week. Look for expired food, junk mail, single socks, worn shoes … etc. Anything that can no longer be used.
  • Find and clean the habitual drop zone. We often have an area in the home where habitually leave things, intnding to sort it out latter. This is a better situation than a completely untidy home, when we confine it all to one area. But we often never get around to cleaning out the garden shed or back cupboard. Find the areas that need cleaning.
  • Clean the oven extractor. This is designed to get rid of fumes in the kitchen. But if it is blocked it not only fails to extract fumes, it can be become a fire hazard.
  • Vacuum floors and surfaces. This is basic, but if we neglect it we end up with a dusty environment hat probably has allergy inducing pollen.
  • Water the plants. Indoor plants help keep the air clean. Return the favor by keeping them watered and healthy.
  • Mow the lawn. This is easier if it is done on a regular basis. Once a week is optimal.
  • Give a thorough cleaning to one room. And do the same to another room each week till you have covered the hole house.
  • Change the bathroom towels.
  • Clean the bed linen. It feels great to have clean linen at night, and we probably sleep better.

Apartment Cleaning Sydney

We feel much better in a clean home and office. if you do not have the time or inclination to clean, then hire the professionals for the best possible results.