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There are some proven mental health benefits to living in a clean home. Most of these are hardly surprising. Experience and anecdotal reports would say that a tidy living space feels better, leave us less stressed, less like there is something we need to get up and change. Science and psychology just confirm what we already sense is true.


Science has demonstrated that a messy environment can trigger depression and anxiety. Or at least can prevent us from breaking out of this unfortunate mental state. It’s probably a vicious cycle; we neglect tidying up because we are depressed, and the untidy house makes us more depressed.


The physical health aspect should also be noted. If the home is unhygienic it will make us feel run down; mould and mildew will have that effect on us. Even accumulating dust will impact our health, especially if we are asthmatic or have an allergy. Pollens in the carpets and curtains will aggravate allergies too. And is we feel physically poorly we are inclined to be in low spirits, perhaps succumbing to depression. eating in an untidy kitchen will also have a negative impact on out physical, and then mental, health.


A lesser know aspect there is honesty. Research has shown that people who live in messy environments for any period of time start to become less honest. It’s as if an untidy environment mes we no longer care about keeping things tidy in our mind. So we don;t bother trying to be honest or to sort problems out, we just ignore them or sweep them under the rug.

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A business partly runs on image. Companies rely on making a good impression on customers. If the office premises looks untidy the potential customers get a bad impression, thinking the business operation is as disorganized as the business site. And this impression extends to the office staff. Staff Morale and performance is improved in a neat, well organized building.


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‌Use professional cleaning so your home and office look their best, and so you can feel you best. We look after the cleaning so that you can get on with the more important aspects of life.