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Office Cleaning Services Sydney

Office Cleaning Sydney

As we breathe the air inside out homes and offices it would be best if this air is clean. We often over look this, sometimes to our detriment. Dust, pollen, chemicals and pollutants in the air can cause us health problems, especially for those who have allergies or asthma. Often the cause of these health problems goes unrecognized.

Recent Renovations

If we have had new flooring (especially carpet) or new paintwork in part of the home or office there will probably be some chemical residue in the air. Many new building products emit formaldehyde, which can aggravate eyes and lungs, or cause noticeable cognitive problems like tiredness or poor memory. It is best to remove the chemicals from the air before they cause problems.

Any recently built or renovated room should be aired out for a few days before it is occupied. Open windows and run some fans in the room.

Use an electrical air filter with a HEPA filter to remove pollutants from the air.

New carpets can detoxed. Covered them in Bi Carb. of Soda, and leave this for a few days before vacuuming. This soaks up a lot of the formaldehyde.

New furniture can also emit formaldehyde. Leave this (unwrapped) in an open space for a few days before using.

General Living.

Many things we bring into the home can pollute the air. Dry cleaned clothes will emit a few nasty chemical; let the air out for a day before wearing. Many cleaning products put nasty fumes in the air. Use natural products where possible, and let room air out after cleaning.

We can clean the air periodically using an electronic air filter with a HEPA filter. Run this for a few hours once per week.

House plants help get rid of airborne pollutants. Have a few of these in your home.

A negative Ion generator will help clean the air. Have one of these in the home.

Carpets will accumulate dust, pollen and chemicals, especially as we walk over them in shoes worn outside. Have carpets steam cleaned every 6 months to remove deep down grime and pollutants.

Hard floors like timber have an advantage – they retain virtually no dust or pollen as long as they are periodically cleaned. Homes with timber floors have very little issue with pollution as long as they are cleaned once or twice per week.

Office Cleaning Services Sydney

A clean environment tends to be far healthier. Have professional cleaners look after your home or office, and enjoy the benefits.