End Of Lease Cleaning

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Rental properties are more common today. This has advantages, like not being tied down to the one location. But the downside is that at some point we leave, and have to make sure the former rental space is perfectly tidy.

Rental premises require a bond to be paid when we first move in. This is usually the equivalent several weeks of rent. The bond is refunded when we leave, on the condition that everything is left in immaculate condition. If anything is not perfect then we lose all or part of this bond.

Being completely clean is a little harder than some might expect. Often it is best to hire a cleaning company to give the property a thorough cleaning after we leave, just to be assured of the results, and to guarantee the total bond refund. The end-of-lease cleaning should cost far less than the bond money.

Many cleaning companies guarantee the end-of-lease cleaning to the landlord’s satisfaction. So if there is a problem they return to remedy the situation, at no further cost.

– End-Of-Lease Cleaning includes:
– Floors mopped & carpets vacuumed
– All Windows cleaned
– Ceilings cleaned and Cobwebs removed
– Power points & switches wiped
– Surfaces dusted
– Bins emptied
– Skirting boards dusted and wiped
– Wardrobe shelves, drawers, cupboards cleaned
– All mirrors cleaned and polished
– Kitchen Cupboards, drawers and pantry cleaned (interior and exterior)
– Bench-tops and Splash-back cleaned
– Ceilings cleaned and Cobwebs removed
– Doors, door handles and light switches cleaned
– Ceiling Cleaned & Cobwebs removed
– Venetian Blinds dusted
– Sink and taps cleaned and polished
– Oven (interior & exterior), stove, hotplates, splash-back and range hood cleaned
– Dishwasher (interior and exterior) cleaned
– Plugholes cleaned
– Balconies Swept and Mopped
– Appliances wiped and polished (exterior only)
– Sinks, taps, showers and bathtubs cleaned, polished and built-up soap scum
– Tiles cleaned & built-up soap scum removed
– Toilets cleaned and sanitized

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A thorough end-of-lease cleaning will ensure a full bond refund when moving out or an apartment or house.