Home Cleanup

Home Cleanup

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Whether it’s the lockdown that forces us to spend more time at home, or just a desire to organize our life a little more, some of us would liek to tidy up our home. This is always a worthwhile endeavour , but getting motivated, getting organized, getting around to it even when we have the time, tends to be a problem.

Some tips:

  • Schedule – Set out a clear timeline, lists of things that need to be done, goals to achieve before the end of the day.
    Prepare the Tools – There is something satisfying and motivating in the act of assembling a collection of cleaning tools. Get a steam mop, a set microfibre cloths for each surface, plenty or Bi-Carb of Soda and vinegar … etc.
  • De-clutter – Spaces look messy when they are crowded and disorganized. And cleaning is harder with all those surfaces to cover. Get rid of anything that just isn’t being used anymore, and put the ski gear and Christmas decorations in the attic where they belong.
    Bare open floors and shelves are much quicker to clean.
  • Work top down. The dust and moisture from the top of the walls tends to settle on on the floor. So if you clean the floor first you end up cleaning it again when the dust from higher up starts to settle.
  • Put on some music or a podcast so you are not cleaning in silence. This is one mild form of multitasking that works.
  • Ventilate – Air out the house by opening window. This also gets rid of any smell from the cleaning products, like vinegar or bleach.
    Use an air filter to clean the air.
  • Put some essential oils, or even vanilla, on light bulbs or heater to give a pleasant scent.
  • Delegate – there is a skill to motivating others to help, or perhaps some plain old fashioned bribery. But is means a few less tasks that you need to do yourself.
  • Some multitasking works – have a load of washing on while you do other chores. Soak the bathroom floor in cleaner first thing in the morning so you can mop latter on.
  • Remember the unseen and hard to reach places – The top of overhead fans, behind bookshelves, air vents – these all accumulate dust and other contaminants.
  • Have the satisfaction of ticking off all the items on the To-Do-List.
    Reward yourself at the end. Have the satisfaction of an enjoyable task at the end of you cleaning – binge watching some Netflix or ordering some indulgent food. You’ve earned this.

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Regular professional cleaning means having more time for yourself. If this means just a little bit less stress, then the investment is worth it.