Fridge Cleaning Tips

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The fridge is easy to clean on the outside, we just wipe it down, perhaps with Bi Carb of Soda and vinegar. But it is too easy to neglect the inside. Too easy to shut the door and go by the external appearance of everything looking good.

But fridges tend to accumulate old food items, and this is a less than ideal space for your new food items. Bacteria will still live in this environment, even if the cold does slow them down. So it is better to keep the inside clean for the sake of hygiene.

it would be easier to clean the fridge when it is empty, but this rarely happens. There probably is no place to store the cold food while we clean. So we may find it best to clean the fridge one shelf at a time.

  • Use natural cleaners like Bi Carb of soda and vinegar. Never use harsh chemicals as these can contaminate food in the fridge.
  • Is possible, remove shelves from the fridge. Clean these outside, or in the shower.
  • Use a stiff brush to clean difficult stains or built up grime. Or an old toothbrush for small areas.
  • The drain hole at the back of the fridge is important. Clean this ever few week with some bicarb and soda.
  • After wiping down the interior of the fridge use a commercial freshener to keep the fridge smelling pleasant. Or use some cut onions to soak up the smell.
  • Clean our ice from the freezer section if possible. If the is hard ice, use hair-drier or warm water.

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