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The Kitchen should be the comfy centre of the home. We spend a fair amount of time here cooking, and perhaps eating with the family. So we should arrange the kitchen space to take advantage of the, hopefully enjoyable, time we spend here.

Benchtops Height – We should try to have these installed at the height that suits us. But most benches are already installed at a standard 900 mm. If you get a sore back when working at the kitchen bench then either use a raised chopping block to raise the bench height or use a step on the floor to raise your own height.
Rounded corners on benches are safer, being less painful if we bump into them.

Lighting makes all the difference to a room. Make sure lighting is clear but evenly spread; avoid bright spots and dim corners. Make sure chopping spaces, sinks and other areas in frequent use are all adequately lit. Dimmable lights can look good.

Flooring – Hard floors are easy to clean, and tend to be waterproof. So most kitchens have tiles or vinyl flooring. This can be cold underfoot, so add a non-slip rug in winter. Hardwood works in some kitchens, though it needs some waterproofing measures.

Store items near where they are to be used. For example, put foil and plastic wrap between the fridge and stove.

Ventilation – The kitchen produces a lot of cooking odours, most of which are fine when they are fresh, but less pleasant a few hours latter. Have an extractor fan over the stove. Use a fan aimed at the window if you lack other ventilation.

Add a radio or something similar to use when working in the kitchen.

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