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Most hard floors can be kept quite clean with sweeping and soft brush vacuuming. This is an advantage that hard floors have over carpet; sweeping is quick and effective. But occasionally we need a deeper clean beyond the twice weekly sweep or vacuum.

Hardwood Floors

Sweep first, then spot clean any sticky spots with some wood floor cleaner, and promptly dry the area.
Then gently clean the floor with a damp microfibre mop. Do not use excess water. In fact, use as little water as possible.
The cleaning solution can be dilute wood floor cleaner in warm water. Black tea in water also works well.


This can be cleaned with dish soap and hot water. The floor material is waterproof, so you use more water than you might on a timber floor.
The floor should air dry quickly.


This looks like tile or wood, but it is easier to clean, and won’t be damaged by moisture. So we can clean this with dish detergent and hot water. Just don’t let water get under the laminate.


These are the best waterproof option. As long as there are no loose or damaged tiles the floor is extremely waterproof. We can use tile cleaning solution and a mop to clean tiles.
A big problem with tiles floors is the buildup of soap scum. This is literally the cleaning fluid being left on the floor, and leaving a sticky residue that attracts dust, dirt and grime.
A steam mop will remove soap scum. Diluted vinegar also works well.

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Floors are constantly exposed to our shoes and feet,so they are constantly getting dirty. Regular cleaning makes all the difference.