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We would all prefer our homes to be neat and tidy. This neat look is partly a matter of keeping things actually clean, and partly a matter of having the right decor. A home decor that looks open and bright will tend to look far neater than a cluttered room with drab colours.

We can change our decor so that the home looks neater. And this might include storage space so there is less clutter in each room, helping to make the space look neater.

Painting – The most obvious but perhaps most useful renovation. Just painting the walls a different colour will make all the difference to the room. Look for a colour that is neutral or bright. Think of the atmosphere you want, and find the appropriate colours.

Feature Wall- If the rest of the room is plain the we can set one wall aside and decorate it in a flamboyant manner. A room looks good if there is some organized detail, but not too much detail, as this is overcrowding. Have a wall with shelves of knickknacks, wall hangings, elaborate tiles … anything fancy.

Stick On Wall Tiles – These are an inexpensive way to spruce up a wall. They are also easy to use. you can do a wall in an hour or two.

Floor Tiles – A concrete floor can be given a makeover with vinyl tiles.

Storage Space – Use plastic tubs to store clothes and other items, or plastic tubes in a stack.

Add plants – These mix the organic with the synthetic by putting some nature in our homes. They also help clean the air.

Change lights – the room look better with natural style lights, or perhaps faux candle light.

Change curtain, or add window film.

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A room with well designed decor is easier to keep clean. And this make for a better living space and a better lifestyle.
Have professionals help keep your home in tip top condition.