Pro Clean Tips

Pro Cleaning Tips

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Through experience and learning we learn the best way to get great cleaning results in minimal time.

– Always clean top to bottom, especially in the bathroom. This is the opposite of the old adage about starting at the bottom. But the grime from the top tends to either run down the walls, or the dust settle on the floor. So we need to clean the lower areas first.
– Clean all the small stuff too. toothbrush holders, vases, remotes for the TV – look after these things too.
– Clean a shower-head by soaking it in a bag of vinegar overnight. This cleans out the holes in the shower-head, allowing better flow for the water.
– Clean the cleaning tools. Soak brushes, empty vacuum bags, microwave sponges, put microfibre clothes in the wash.
– Empty a table or desk before cleaning, so you have a blank slate. First clean the table surface, then return necessary items as you need them. Don’t just clean around items. It is too easy to let things accumulate on the desk.
– Use abrasive sponges or steel wool for that grime on pots and pans.
– Use a rubber glove or sponge to remove pet hair from most surfaces.
– There are germ hot spots on door handles, light-switches, phones, railings, computer keyboards, TV remotes, and anything that people touch on a regular basis.
– Laundry hampers in each bedroom, and the bathroom, save time as you don’t have to gather and sort clothes.
– Find a way to clean the washing machine. The modern machines often have a self cleaning cycle.
– Clean bedding every week, and hang it in the Sun so the UV light can disinfect the linen.
– Clean the Coffee Maker. There will be more gunk in the machine than we might think.
– Get a vacuum with a HEPA filter, so the dust and contaminants are not recirculated back into the air.
– Clean tile grout with a mixture of Baking Soda and dish-washing liquid. Then scrub with a brush.
– Use a steam mop for tiles. Do not use this on wood floors.

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A clean home makes for better living. Have us look after the cleaning so you can get on with other aspects of your life.