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We should clean every part of our home. But we can get good results if we know the places that really need cleaning, which is a mixture of the plain to see and the often overlooked.

Clean the Oven – Not a pleasant task, but the thought of an unclean oven where we cook our food, is even more unpleasant.
Use oven liners, which catch food before it gets stuck on oven surfaces. Use bicarb of Soda and vinegar to clean oven surfaces. Remove trays and racks and clean externally.

Freshen the Fridge – Some people clean on section, one shelf, each day. This keeps the fridge generally clean, and means we do not have to remove all the contents of the fridge to do the cleaning.
Also clean behind the fridge even month or so.

Showerhead – Submerge the showerhead in a bag of vinegar and leave it overnight. Put the shower curtain in the wash. Use bleach to remove mould.

Windows – First dust the glass with a soft vacuum attachment. Then use vinegar on a squeegee to clean the glass.

Under The Bed – This accumulates more dust than we realize. So vacuum this area. And clean away the junk that often ends up thrown under the bed.
Buy some draws or plastic tubs and use the area under the bed for storage.

Clean the Cleaning implements – Of course these will accumulate grime and dust. And the prevents them from working well, as they end up spreading the dirt around.
Empty the vacuum bag, wash the microfibre cloths, microwave the sponge.

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The professionals know the cleaning tricks, and all the usual and unusual spaces, that need to be kept clean.