Laundry Tips

Laundry Tips Kindergarten Cleaning Sydney

Laundry Tips

Kindergarten Cleaning Sydney

We all have to deal with laundry. But with a little effort and a few good habits we can get the best results in minimal time.

Unscented – Many detergents add scent in order to get the clothes smelling good. But many of these scents, especially synthetic ones, emit hazardous compounds.
Use unscented detergents, and perhaps add some natural substances like eucalyptus in the rinse.

Avoid essential oils, at least in a hot wash. The heat causes the oils to break down.

Natural DIY detergent – Mix 2 teaspoons of sat, two tablespoons of baking soda, two tablespoons of liquid castile soap, and combine them in one litre of hot water.

Towels – add some vinegar to the wash to get towels fresh. Or use baking Soda, but never both at once.

Microfibres – Fleece lined jackets and anything with microfibre will shed some of this microfibre with each wash. This ends up as plastic pollution in the waterways. Put microfibres in fibre trapping bags.

Disinfect by hanging clothes in the Sun. The UV in the sunlight (to lesser extend on a cloudy day) will kill most bacteria. Hand clothes inside out to avoid fading.

Keep detergent to a minimum. Clothes will get clean with minimal suds.

Clean the washing machine periodically. The full lint draws, the buildup of soap scum … this all prevent the machine operating properly.

Keep socks in a bag to prevent them from being separated.

Cold washes work for almost all clothing and they prevent shrinkage.